V11 SP8

User Account Configuration for the SQL Server Agent

Users who perform backups must be either administrators or backup operators. Backup operators (or Service Users) have full control over the registry and the installation folder.

User credentials are not set during the agent installation. By default, the local system account is used. To access the SQL Server databases to perform backup and restore operations, SQL sysadmin rights are required.

SQL Server Is User Account Privileges
Member of a WorkGroup
  • Local administrator of the computer where the SQL Server resides, like computer_name\user1.
  • Member of the SQL sysadmin fixed server role.
Able to back up any file and folder on the local computer to which the local group applies.
Member of a Domain An account other than the Domain Administrator account that has administrator and SQL sa privileges. The account should have interactive logon rights to the computer where the SQL Server resides. Able to back up any file and folder on the following entities:
  • a computer in the domain
  • a computer in a domain where a two-way trust relationship exists