V11 SP8

Properties of SQL Server (SQL Settings)

Use this dialog box to specify tunable settings and log consistency checking for SQL backups.

Block Size

Specifies the block size that will be used during backup. The default block size for write operation is 65,536 bytes (or 64 KB). To increase the block size, enter any value from 512 bytes to 65,536 bytes.

Buffer Count

Specifies the total number of buffers that will be used to receive data from SQL Server during backup. The default value of buffer count is 20. To increase the buffer count, enter any value from 1 to INT_MAX, where INT_MAX is the maximum value of an INT on the platform being used.

Note: Buffer count should be equal or greater than the number of streams.

Maximum Transfer Size

Maximum transfer size is the maximum amount of data transferred at a time during a backup operation. The default value is 2,097,152 bytes (or 2048 KB). You can enter any value from 65,536 bytes (or 64 KB) to 4,194,304 bytes (or 4 MB). All data is transferred in multiples of 64 KB.

For more information, see Enhancing SQL Backup Performance.

Disable Log Consistency Check

By default, this option is enabled and the software will check for log consistency during backup. If detected that the backup chain is broken when this option is enabled, the job will not proceed. Select this option to disable log consistency checking. When disabled, if the software detects that the chain is broken, the job will not fail but the database being backed up may not be restorable later on.