V11 SP8


Before you configure an Azure SQL instance that you will use to back up and restore SQL databases on an Azure cloud, verify that the following prerequisites are met.

  • Verify that the staging SQL server has ports opened to access the Azure cloud. These ports are required to perform management operations on Azure databases.

    Ask your network administrator to open the following ports:

    • 8443
    • 1433
  • Set up a Microsoft Azure certificate. This certificate is required for the SQL client computer to access data that is on the Azure cloud.

    For steps to set up Microsoft Azure certificate, see Setting Up a Microsoft Azure Management Certificate.

  • To enable back up operations and restore operations of SQL databases that are on Azure cloud, add the bEnableSQLAzure additional setting as shown in the following table.
    Property Value
    Name bEnableSQLAzure
    Category CommServDB.Console
    Type BOOLEAN
    Value True

    For instructions about adding additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Adding or Modifying Additional Settings from the CommCell Console.

    Note: In the SQL Server Properties dialog box, the Cloud Configuration tab will appear only after setting the value of bEnableSQLAzure additional setting as True.