V11 SP8

Subclient Properties (Advanced Options)

Use this dialog box to manage the UNIX File System subclient properties.

Synchronize Source files and Backup Index
Select the option to enable the synchronization of data on the source disk and the index. After you enable this option, the subsequent backup job compares the subclient content on the disk to the data on the index, and identifies the files that are missing from the subclient content on the disk and the index. The missing files are then included in the backup job. A scenario that might result in the discrepancy is a cut and paste operation on a file that does not change the modified time of the file. As a result, when you use the recursive scan method, the file is not selected during the backup operation.
Every n days from the previous backup job
Enter the number of days after which any backup job will run the synchronization job. By default, the synchronization runs after every incremental job that runs after a synthetic full backup.
Optimize for File system with large number of small files (Block Level Backup)
Specifies the job as a block-level backup, which backs up the blocks that contain data.
Create File Level Index during backup
Scans the entire file system, and the metadata for all existing files is collected to enable file-level browse and restore operations
Recursive Scan
This is the default scan method. Select the option to specify that the classic file scan is used to determine whether files have been modified for all subclients within the backup set.
Preserve File Access Time
If you select this option, the file access time is preserved and therefore not modified at the time of backup. Selecting this option may increase the time required to complete a backup. Note that the ctime (changes in the file properties) is modified when you select this option though incremental backups do not honor it.
Optimized Scan
Select to specify that Optimized Scan is used to determine whether files have been modified for all subclients within the backup set. Select this option when you want to scan large number of files and folders for the backup. The system maintains a separate database to track changes in the files.
Catalog additional file and system attributes
Enable collection of file and system data so you can create a report with the Build-Your-Own Reports feature or run the File Level Analytics Reports.
Exclude from SLA and Strike Counts
When this option is selected, the subclient is excluded from the SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculation and the Client Strike calculation for the Worldwide Dashboard, CommCell Dashboard, SLA Report, and Client Strike Count Report. When this option is cleared, the subclient is included in these calculations.