V11 SP8


Commvault backs up all of the instances identified on the Content tab for a subclient, including active EC2 instances and instance EBS volumes.

Commvault does not back up AMIs or instance store volumes.

When multiple VSA proxies are available, a proxy in the same zone is given priority, or a proxy in the same region if no proxy in the same zone is available. A proxy in the same region must be available to perform backups.


When executing backup copy and restores from IntelliSnap backups that use custom encrypted snapshots, consider the following:

  • You must add the IAM user account, which you are using to perform the backup job, to the KMS policy you are using for the custom encrypted snapshots. For more information, see:
  • The KMS policy that you are using for the custom encrypted snapshots must have sufficient permissions to allow the system to create and encrypt the volumes during the backup copy job. For more information, see:
  • Currently, custom encrypted volumes will be restored with AWS EBS default encryption. For more information, see:

    Backup Process

    IntelliSnap backups include the following stages:

    1. Discover instances for the subclient being backed up.
    2. Capture configuration information for instances, including volumes for the instances.
    3. Prepare volumes for the snapshot.
    4. Create crash consistent snapshots.
    5. Write the instance configuration file and instance metadata to the backup index. 

    Backup Copy Process

    After IntelliSnap backups, the following additional steps are performed for backup copies:

    1. Create volumes from snapshots.
    2. Download configuration files for instances.
    3. Attach volumes to the VSA proxy.
    4. Back up instance configuration files and volumes.