V11 SP8

License Requirements - Virtual Server Agent for Docker

By default, the agent is installed using an Evaluation license. Once the evaluation period is complete, you need to obtain a permanent license from your Software Provider.

You can choose to use one of the following licensing mechanisms:

  • Traditional License, based upon products and features in your CommCell.
  • Capacity License, based on the amount of data you want to protect.

For comprehensive information on licensing, see License Administration.

Traditional License

The following license type is required for the Docker Virtual Server Agent.

Agent or Component License Type
Virtual Server Agent Virtual Server

You must obtain a license for each Virtualization client (pseudo-clients and stand-alone clients).

Capacity License

If you plan to use capacity licenses, you must obtain the following license:

License type License consumption
Backup 1 license per CommCell for n Terabytes (TB) of protected data