V11 SP8

Using DockMe to Create a Docker Container

The DockMe feature uses a backup that was performed with a UNIX File System agent to create a Docker container.

Run the DockMe workflow to create a Docker container from a file system backup.

Before You Begin

  • Install a UNIX File System agent on the machine that provides the source for the container.
  • Perform at least one backup using the default backup set and default subclient of a UNIX File System client, with the root folder ('/') as the source path.
  • The Docker daemon must be started on a Docker host port that can be used for remote access.
  • Download the DockMe workflow from the Download Center and save it in a location that is accessible from the CommServe system.
  • Import the DockMe workflow into the CommCell Console.


  1. Right-click the DockMe workflow and select All Tasks > Execute.

    The DockMe Options dialog box appears.

  2. Provide the following inputs:
    • Source Client: Select the UNIX File System client from the list.
    • Docker Proxy: Select a UNIX File System client that can be used to stage file system data that is used to create the Docker container.
    • Source Path: The source path is / (root). You cannot change this value.
    • Staging Path: Specifies the path on the Docker proxy where file system backup data is restored before creating the Docker container. The default staging path is /tmp/DockMe. The staging folder must have enough space to store the entire folder structure of the source machine and a tar file, so it needs more space than the size of the backup file.
    • Docker Host:Port: Type the fully qualified host name or IP address for the Docker host and the port number where the Docker daemon was started.

      Use the format host_name:port (for example,

    • backupTime: Select the date and time the File System client was backed up. The last backup performed before the specified date and time is used by the workflow.
  3. Click OK.

DockMe Workflow Process

The DockMe workflow includes the following stages:

  1. Read the workflow inputs.
  2. Perform a restore from the UNIX File System backup to the staging path specified for the workflow (by default, /tmp/DockMe).
  3. Create a tar file for the restored file system data.
  4. Use the curl command to import the tar file to the Docker host and create the Docker container.

Known Issues

The following issues have been identified for the current implementation of DockMe:

  • Any data that resides on external volumes must be attached to Docker containers manually.
  • Special user permissions for source folders must be reassigned after the container is created.