V11 SP8

Metadata Collection, Granular Recovery, and Live Browse - Microsoft Hyper-V

To restore the files and folders residing on virtual machines, you must be able to access the metadata for the files and folders during the browse and restore operation. This can be accomplished in two ways:

  • If you enable granular recovery when performing the backup of the virtual machine, metadata about files and folders is collected during the backup process. Collecting metadata adds to the time required for the backup. The granular recovery option supports NTFS file systems, and is used for Windows file restores. For instructions on enabling granular recovery during a backup, see Enabling or Disabling Backups with Granular Recovery.

    When file and folder metadata is collected during a backup, that information is used for browse and file recovery operations, and you cannot perform a Live Browse.

  • If you did not collect the metadata during the backup, you can still browse and restore the files and folders using the Live Browse feature. The Live Browse feature uses the block level browse mechanism to collect the metadata for the files and folders during the browse and restore operation. Collecting metadata during the browse operation adds to the time required for the browse and restore. For more information on block level browse, see Metadata Collection and Live Browse Support.

    You can use the same MediaAgent that was used to perform a backup to restore the full virtual machines or guest files and folders, without requiring granular recovery during backups.


  • Live browse is only supported from streaming backups. You cannot perform Live Browse operations from IntelliSnap backups.
  • Logical volume manager (LVM) metadata processing for volumes encrypted using BitLocker is currently not supported. Decrypting contents of such volumes may not be feasible during backup because decryption requires a recovery password or a decryption key. Because metadata collection for the volume fails, a file-level browse operation for the encrypted volume cannot display file information.
  • Live Browse is not supported for data on 4K sector disks.
  • Live browse of Master Boot Record (MBR) pseudo disks may display a Disk Scan warning message occasionally.