V11 SP8

Subclient Properties (IntelliSnap Operations)

Use this tab to enable IntelliSnap backup and to establish the options for IntelliSnap backup operations for the selected subclient.


Select this check box to enable IntelliSnap backup for the subclient.

Available Snap Engines

Select a snapshot engine vendor from the list.

  • Manage Array

    Click to access the Array Management dialog box, which enables you to add or modify access information for a array.

Use Proxy

Select a proxy computer to mount the snap. The list shows all the client computers that have the Virtual Server Agent installed. Select a client computer that satisfies the  following prerequisites:

  • Virtual Server Agent and MediaAgent are installed on the client computer.
  • The client computer is not part of the Hyper-V cluster for which you are performing the IntelliSnap backup.

Use Separate Proxy for Backup Copy

Select this check box to use a separate proxy for backup copy operations.


Select a proxy for backup copy operations.