V11 SP8

Known Issues for OpenStack

The following known issues exist in the current implementation:

  • Image backups are not supported for ISO image type or Glance images using the RAW format.
  • When a large number of images are included for backups, the backup of an image might fail with the Failure Reason "Virtual Machine was not found." on the Status Details for Instance dialog box (Job Details > Instance Status).
  • If an instance was created from volumes, a backup fails if the instance is in Paused or Suspended state.
  • A backup can fail when the wrong GUID or UUID is returned during virtual machine discovery for the Linux proxy VM that is performing the backup. To resolve this issue, see article RHV0001.
  • Snapshots or volumes might not be cleaned up for failed or interrupted jobs. You must clean up leftover snapshots or volumes manually.
  • Restored images do not reflect the protection status of the source images.
  • For out-of-place restores, no network interface mapping is available. If the source instance was connected to an external network interface, the instance is restored without the external network interface. If the source instance was connected to a private network, the instance is restored with the private network interface.
  • Live browse and restore of files and folders is supported only from backups of disks using the QCOW2 file format.
  • For Windows instances created from an image, the base image files are not included in browse results and cannot be recovered using guest file and folder restores.
  • OpenStack entity names that include the backslash character ('\') are not supported. For example, a backup of an instance with a name such as vm_name\disk_name would result in indexing data with disk_name as a subfolder under vm_name
  • If the user account that was specified for the OpenStack virtualization client does not have access to the key pair associated with the instance owner, the key pair cannot be restored with the instance. See VOPS0003: The key pair for a restored instance is empty if the user who performed the restore does not have access to the key pair for the original instance owner.
  • Commvault  does not support backup and recovery for VMware hypervisors running on OpenStack.