V11 SP8

Cache Requirements

Use of the /opt/ Directory

The /opt/ directory of the File Recovery Enabler is reserved for storing cache data for snapshot mounts. Do not configure a disk library to use space under the /opt/ directory.

  • For Live Recovery for VMs, cache data is stored in /opt/3dfs (20 GB minimum).
  • For Live File Recovery (IntelliSnap for VMware), cache data is stored in /opt/FBR (40 GB minimum).

Requirements for the Cache Location

For Live Recovery for VMs, ensure that the NFS cache volume (/opt/3dfs) meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Disk Throughput Read/Write speed of at least 150 GB/hour
  • Disk performance can be measured using the CVDiskPerf tool available in Commvault.

Run the following command on the File Recovery Enabler from the Base folder:

cd /opt/commvault/Base

./CVDiskPerf -PATH /opt/3dfs -OUTFILE /opt/3dfs/perf.out -BLOCKSIZE 32768 -FILECOUNT 40000 -BLOCKCOUNT 8


Throughput Create(GB/H) : 230.44
Throughput Write(GB/H) : 239.05
Throughput Read(GB/H) : 8670.54

The 3DFS cache is circular; unused data are pruned from the cache as needed.