V11 SP8

Enabling vCloud Authentication for Web Console with VMware

vCloud users can log on to the Web Console using vCloud authentication APIs. When you enable this option, users can use the Web Console to view vCloud and non-vCloud virtual machines that are assigned to them.

Before You Begin

  • The vCloud user must belong to an organization that is defined in vCloud Director.


  1. To the CommCell node, add the bEnableExternalAuthentication and bExternalAuthenticationEnabled additional settings as shown in the following table.

    For instructions on adding additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

    • To enable vCloud authentication URLs to be added for a user group, create the bEnableExternalAuthentication additional setting on the CommCell node and set the value to true.
      Property Value
      Name bEnableExternalAuthentication
      Category CommServDB.Console
      Type Boolean
      Value true
    • To enable users to log on to the Web Console using vCloud credentials, create the bExternalAuthenticationEnabled additional setting on the CommCell node and set the value to true.
      Property Value
      Name bExternalAuthenticationEnabled
      Category DM2WebSearchServer
      Type Boolean
      Value true
  2. Create a user group for vCloud users.

    On the General tab of the User Group Properties dialog box, select the Use vCloud Authentication option and provide URLs for authentication and validation.

    Use the following format for the authentication and validation URLs:

    • Authentication URL: https://vcloud_director_hostname/api/sessions
    • Validation URL: https://vcloud_director_hostname/api/session

    Where vcloud_director_hostname is the same value that was entered for the vCloud Host name in the Virtual Server Instance Properties dialog box for the virtualization client.

  3. Configure the Auto Detect VM Owner option on subclients that include vCloud virtual machines.

    This option assigns VM owners automatically based on vCenter settings.

  4. Run a backup job for subclients that include vCloud virtual machines.

    During the backup, vCloud users are automatically added as VM owners and added to the client computer group for vCloud users.

    Each user can only be associated with a single vCloud user group.


After vCloud authentication is enabled, users can log on to Web Console and access backups for virtual machines that they own.

Users can log on using vCloud credentials in the following format: