V11 SP8

Deleting a Backup Set (qdelete backupset)

You can use the qdelete backupset command to delete a backup set for a specified virtualization client.

Before You Begin

  • Log in to the CommServe host using the qlogin command.

Reference Information


This command deletes a given backup set.

When the backup set to be deleted contains archived data, the command asks the user to confirm the deletion. This prevents the user from accidentally removing backup sets that may have archive jobs. If you want to skip the confirmation prompt, you can use the "-skc" option.

Upon successful completion, the qdelete backupset command displays the message "Deleted backupset successfully" on the command prompt. In case of an error, an error code and description are displayed as: "backupset: Error errorcode: errordescription"


qdelete backupset -c client -a dataagenttype -b backupset [-skc] [-tf tokenfile] [-tk token] [-af ArgumentFilepath] [-h]


-c Client computer name
-a Agent type installed on client computer (see Argument Values - Agent Types)
-b Name of the backup set to be deleted
-skc Skips the confirmation prompt to delete the backup set if archived data is found on the backup set.
-tf Reads token from a file
-tk Token string
-af Reads arguments from a file
-h Displays help

Argument File

client Client computer name
dataagent Agent type installed on client computer (see Argument Values - Agent Types)
backupset Backup set name to be deleted


Possible exit status values are:

0 - Successful completion.

1 - CLI usage failures, due to the use of an unsupported option or missing argument.

2 - Any other failure.


Delete a backupset with name bs1 under client client1 and Agent MyDataAgent.

qdelete backupset -c client1 -a MyDataAgent -b bs1