V11 SP8

Getting Information for a Backup Set (qinfo backupset)

You can use the qinfo backupset command to get information about a backup set for a specified virtualization client and VMware instance using the Virtual Server Agent.

Before You Begin

  • Log in to the CommServe host using the qlogin command.

Reference Information

qinfo backupset


This command displays information about a given backup set. If the agent supports instances above backup sets, only the backup sets under the specified instance are listed.

In case of an error, an error code and description are displayed as: "backupset: Error errorcode: errordescription"


qinfo backupset -c client -a dataagenttype -i instance -b backupset [-desc] [-tf tokenfile] [-tk token] [-h]


-c Client computer name
-a Agent type installed on client computer (see Argument Values - Agent Types)
-i Instance name, required for a few agents
-b Backup set name
-desc Displays description provided by the user

To display the entire user description for the backup set without any other information, be sure to include the -desc option when you run the command. Otherwise, all the requested information along with only a partial description will be displayed.

-tf Reads token from a file
-tk Token string
-h Displays help


Possible exit status values are:

0 - Successful completion.

1 - CLI usage failures, due to the use of an unsupported option or missing argument.

2 - Any other failure.


The following command displays information about a backup set defaultBackupSet in client client1 and Agent Q_VIRTUAL_SERVER.

qinfo backupset -c client1 -a Q_VIRTUAL_SERVER -b defaultBackupSet

Name defaultBackupSet
Default Yes
Ondemand No
Description Backup Set description