V11 SP8

Browsing and Restoring from Job History

You can restore full virtual machines or guest files and folders from a specific backup job:

  • Full Virtual Machine - Restore a full virtual machine by restoring from a full backup job.
  • Guest Files or Folders - Restore guest files and folders to the file system of any client that supports file and folder restores. You can restore guest files and folders from incremental or differential backup jobs, but only if the Enable Granular Recovery option was selected when performing the backup or a File Recovery Enabler for Linux is used for the browse and restore.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > virtualization_client > Virtual Server > VMware > backup_set.
  2. Right-click the subclient and select Backup History.
  3. In the Backup History Filter dialog box, click OK.
  4. From the Backup Job History tab, right-click the backup job that contains the data to be restored and select Browse and Restore.
  5. In the Restore Options dialog box, select the type of restore and then click View Content.
  6. On the Content tab, select the data to be restored.
  7. Click the Recover All Selected button at the bottom of the window.
  8. Select the desired restore options and then click OK.