V11 SP8

Protecting a vCenter Server

vCenter Server can be installed on a physical or virtual machine.

You can also deploy a vCenter Server Appliance, which is a preconfigured Linux virtual machine that runs vCenter Server. For vCenter 6.0 or later, use the Virtual Server Agent to back up a vCenter Server Appliance.

Protecting vCenter Using the Virtual Server Agent

If vCenter is running on a virtual machine, you can use a Virtual Server Agent backup to protect the virtual machine as well as the vCenter database and files. This is the recommended method for backing up a vCenter Server Appliance.

When vCenter runs on a virtual machine, consider the following points when using the Virtual Server Agent to back up the VM:

  • Configure a separate subclient for a virtual machine where vCenter is running.
  • Schedule backups at a time when other backups for the vCenter are not running.

Protecting vCenter Using Guest Agents

If vCenter is installed on a physical server, you can install application agents on the server to protect the vCenter database and files.

Follow the steps given below to protect the vCenter server:

  1. From the CommCell Console, expand the Client Computers node
  2. Right-click the virtualization client for the vCenter and select Properties.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Enter the hostname of the computer where you have set up the vCenter server.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Install guest agents for Windows or Linux on the virtualization client for the vCenter:
    • For Windows machines, install Microsoft SQL Server Agent and Windows File System Agent.
    • For Linux-based machines using a PostgreSQL or Oracle database, install a PostgreSQL or Oracle agent.
  7. Configure and perform frequent backups of the database and file system on vCenter client using the guest agents.

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