V11 SP8

Getting Started with Citrix Xen

The Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for Xen allows you to analyze, back up and recover virtual machines on one or more XenServers. The agent is installed on a proxy computer that can communicate with all the virtual machines in a Xen pool or standalone XenServer. This proxy computer is always a virtual machine residing on a XenServer and is reserved specifically for data protection operations.

If your environment includes a shared storage repository, install the VSA on a VM that has access to shared storage. To deploy additional VSA proxies, you can install the Virtual Server Agent on additional VMs. If your environment includes local storage, you must deploy proxies that can access the local storage.

Step 1: Before You Begin

Step 2: Install the Virtual Server Agent

Review each of the following topics to get started with the installation:

Installing the Virtual Server Agent creates a client computer entry for the VSA in the CommCell Console.

Step 3: Prepare for Your First Backup and Restore

  1. Open the CommCell Console.
  2. Configure a storage device.
  3. Optional: Configure a Storage Policy. See Storage Policy - Getting Started.
  4. Create a Xen Virtualization Client.

    The Xen instance, Defaultbackupset, and Default subclient are automatically created for the virtualization client.

  5. Add a user-defined subclient.
  6. Optional: Decide whether to add the following functionality:

Step 4: Run Your First Backup and Restore

  1. Back up the subclient.
  2. Restore virtual machines to a different XenServer.

Step 5: Where to Go from Here