V11 SP8

Application-Aware Backups for Oracle on Linux VMs

For standalone Oracle databases running on Linux VMs, you can perform application-aware backups from a VSA subclient, then use the Oracle database agent to restore a database.

Application-aware backups using the Virtual Server Agent are supported for Oracle databases running on Linux VMs in the following configurations:

Before You Begin

Application Credentials

To perform backups and restores for Oracle for Linux databases, a user account with admin privileges for the application and database is required.

Subclient Configuration

Include Linux virtual machines running Oracle in a separate subclient under a Virtual Server instance.

Log Truncation

Oracle for Windows database logs are automatically backed up as part of application-aware backups. The following methods provide log protection:

  • A snap backup of the archive log volume is taken as part of application-aware backups.
  • An automatic log backup schedule is created automatically after you run an application-aware backup successfully for the first time.  A backup on the Archive Log Subclient runs immediately after the first successful application-aware backup.
  • As part of the automatic log backup schedule, logs are backed up before the archive log destination reaches the available disk space threshold (by default, 70%), or at a regular interval (by default, every 24 hours).

Restores for Oracle

See Restoring an Oracle Database to restore a database from an application-aware backup.

From the Oracle Restore Options dialog box, use the following option:

  1. Click Advanced.

    The Oracle Advanced Restore Options dialog box appears.

  2. On the General tab, select Use FileSystem Restore.