V11 SP8

Job Status and Control for Virtual Machines

You can monitor virtual machine protection from the Job Details dialog box or monitor an active or completed job. Based on the virtual machine status, you can suspend or re-submit jobs as required.

To view virtual machine backup status for a specific job, see Viewing Virtual Machine Backup Status.

Controlling Jobs

The following actions can be performed on Virtual Server Agent jobs:

Action Description
Controlling Jobs You can control the actions of jobs running from the Job Controller tab.
Configuring Restartability for a Job Type Jobs that fail to complete successfully are automatically restarted based on the Control Panel configuration on the Data > Job Management > Job Restarts tab. For Virtual Server Agent backups, select the job type File System and Indexing Based (Data Protection) (this setting also affects other agents).

You can change the configuration at any time; however, changes to this configuration affect all jobs that run in the entire CommCell.

Configuring Job Restarts for Individual Jobs

You can override the default CommServe configuration for individual jobs by configuring retry settings when starting a job. This configuration applies only to that job.

Note: When streaming backup jobs for the Virtual Server Agent are restarted or resumed, the job continues by backing up any virtual machines that have not yet been backed up and committed to backup storage, including any virtual machines that have been partially processed. (Virtual machines that were backed and committed to storage are not backed up again.) IntelliSnap backup jobs for the Virtual Server Agent are restarted or resumed from the beginning.

Committing a Backup Job Use the Kill option when you want to interrupt eligible backup jobs that have exceeded their running time or are in a pending state, while preserving the data for restores.

Note: For streaming backups that use the Virtual Server Agent (VSA), if you try to stop a backup job that is eligible to be committed by using the Kill option, you are prompted to commit the job rather than to stop it.