V11 SP8

Download Center - Web Console

Download Center is a centralized location in the Web Console where you can download packages provided by the Administrator.

Downloading a Software Package

Once the Administrator notifies you that the software package is available in the Web Console, use the following steps to download the package from the Download Center:

  1. From the My Applications page of the Web Console, click Download Center.

  2. If needed, you can search, filter, and sort the list to find the package you want to download.
  3. If you want to view additional details about the package, click the package name.
  4. Click Download.

Understanding the Details Displayed in Download Center

Package Details

The Package Details section specifies the following general information about the package:

Label Description
Version The version number of the package.
Category The general group to which the package belongs.
Release Date The date when the package was available to download.
Sub-Category The more specific group under a category to which the package belongs.

File Info

The File Info section specifies the following file information:

Label Description
Filename The name of the file when downloaded.
Size The size of the downloaded file.


The Overview is the general description of the package supplied by the administrator.

Related Links

The Related Links section contains links to other packages that are in the same category, sub-category, or are otherwise related to the package.