V11 SP8

Advanced Backup Options (Data)

You can select advanced options to backup data. Note that depending upon the version of Windows operating system on the client and the selected backup type, some of the following may not be available.

Follow Mount Points

Indicates whether the data in the mount point is included in the backup. This option does not apply to block level backups.

For Windows File System:

  • Data residing in the mount point is backed irrespective of whether the option is selected or not.
  • During a restore operation, when selected, both the mount point and the data is restored.

    When cleared, each of the mount point is restored as a directory.

For UNIX and Macintosh:

  • When selected, both the mount point(s) and the data will be included in the backup (and restore).
  • When cleared, only the mount point(s) will be included in back up (and restore).
Check for deleted stubs
Applies to: Upgraded clients that use indexing version 1.
Select this option to run a check during a synthetic full backup, to discover stubs that were moved. If a stub is found to have been moved, the information for it in the index is updated so that the archived file can be restored from backup even though the stub is not in the location where the file was archived from. For more information, see Configuring a Check for Deleted or Moved Files.

Warning: When enabled, this option starts a full system scan on the client to check for deleted or moved stubs during a synthetic full backup, which is very resource intensive. Therefore, use caution when you enable this option.

Use Multiple Streams

For File System with Indexing Version 2, select this option to configure multiple streams for synthetic full backups.

    Number of Streams

    Select this option if you want a specific number of streams to be engaged for the synthetic full backups.

    Allow Maximum

    Select this option if you want the number of streams equal to the maximum number of streams used in any job in the backup cycle to be engaged for the synthetic full backups.

Create Backup Copy Immediately
Select this option to create an inline backup copy to start the movement of the snapshot to media immediately after the completion of the IntelliSnap backup job.
Start Backup Copy job based on Storage Policy Rules
Select this option to skip the backup copy operation if any snaps exist before the inline backup copy. This option is selected by default.
Start Backup Copy job with the current job
Select this option to ignore previous snaps jobs (to be copied) and run the backup for the current snap job.