V11 SP8

System State Components for the Windows File System Agent

The following system state components are included in the backup and are restored.

System State Category Components Type of Restore


System File Protection catalog and files

Performance monitor configuration files

Active Directory


SYSVOL (if this is a domain controller)

Certificate Services database (if this is a certificate server)

Cluster database (if this server is part of a cluster)


COM+ database

1-Touch component (installed during the installation of the Windows File System Agent)

File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)

  • You can do an in-place and out-of place restore of all components together.
  • Individual components can only be restored out-of-place.
  • 1-Touch component is backed up and is used to perform 1-Touch Recovery in the event of a disaster.

    You cannot perform a browse and restore of the 1-Touch component.





Event logs

Disk quota information

RSM database

WMI database

Terminal Server Licensing database

Content Indexing catalogs

  • All services except Content Indexing Catalogs can be restored together or individually in place or out of place.
  • Content Indexing Catalog service will be included when you restore the entire system state but cannot be restored individually.