V11 SP8

Adding a UNC Path as Subclient Content for the Windows File System Agent

You can add UNC paths as content for a subclient.

Before You Begin

The UNC path must be in the same domain as the client computer. The UNC path must start with \\Computer Name\Share\.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > File System.
  2. Right-click the appropriate backup set, point to All Tasks, and then click New Subclient.
  3. In the Subclient Properties dialog box, specify the basic settings for the subclient:
    1. In the Subclient Name box, enter a name for the subclient.
    2. On the Content tab, click Add Paths and enter the UNC path of the files and directories that you want to back up.

      Note: You can use wildcards to define the subclient content. For more information, see Wildcards for the Windows File System Agent.

    3. Click As User.
    4. In the Impersonate NT User dialog box, enter the user account and password required to access the UNC path, then click OK.
    5. On the Storage Device tab, in the Storage Policy list, click a storage policy name to associate with the subclient.

      Tip: To create a new storage policy, click Create Storage Policy and follow the instructions in the storage policy creation wizard.

    6. Click OK.

The UNC path is added as the subclient content. The files and folders in the UNC path are backed up when you run a backup for the subclient.

What to Do Next

Perform a backup of the subclient. For instructions, see Performing Backups for the Windows File System Subclients.