V11 SP8

Service Packs

A service pack is a collection of updates released on a periodic basis to resolve software issues and to enhance software performance. Each service pack contains a cumulative set of hotfixes that were released after the previous service pack version.

We fully support customers on the three most recent service packs. For more information on the service pack lifecycle support policy, see End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Obsolescence Policy.

Service Pack Release Cycle

Service packs are available in a 90-day cycle. Every service pack undergoes full regression testing prior to release.

In addition, the Documentation web site is updated with every service pack release. The updates to the web site include revisions, corrections, and new feature documentation.

Service Pack Installation

We recommend that you use one of the following deployment schedules to install the service pack on your CommCell environment.

Deployment Schedule Advantages Disadvantages
Every 3 months
  • Your CommCell environment has the latest features, fixes, and enhancements.
  • Your CommCell environment undergoes software changes four times a year. This is the most frequent deployment schedule.
Every 9 months (Recommended)
  • Your CommCell environment is within the three most recent service pack versions.
  • Most popular deployment schedule among customers.
  • New features are introduced 9 months later.
Every 12 months
  • Minimizes changes to your CommCell environment to once a year.
  • Your CommCell environment will run an unsupported service pack version.
  • New features are introduced once a year.

Service packs must be installed in the following sequence: first on the CommServe computer, then on MediaAgent, and then on client computers.

Choose how you want to install the service pack in your CommCell environment:


  • If you already installed the service pack in your CommCell environment, see Managing Service Packs.
  • You are not required to have the latest service pack installed in order to raise or escalate a Ticket Request (TR) with Customer Support. In some cases, Customer Support might request that you install the latest service pack if the service pack contains a fix or helps in the diagnostic process.

Hotfix Installation

A hotfix is an update that is targeted at resolving a specific critical issue that might cause major disruptions to operations or potential loss of data.

A new hotfix package is available every week. We recommend that you install hotfixes once a month in one of the following ways:

  • Method 1: Install the hotfix package on the CommServe computer and then use the CommCell Console to install the hotfixes on all the clients.

    For instructions, see Installing Hotfixes.

  • Method 2: Install the service pack again with any of the methods described in Run Manual Service Pack Installations. The hotfixes are included in the service pack.

    Make sure to consider the following requirements:

    • To install using the CommCell Console, download the Commvault software to retrieve the latest hotfixes and then perform the installation.
    • To install using the installation package, create a new package from the Download Manager to retrieve the latest hotfixes.