V11 SP8

Hotfixes for Service Pack 6

Commvault provides hotfixes to resolve issues that were found after the release of a service pack.

Hotfixes are bundled in a hotfix package, which you can download from the Commvault Store.

You must download the hotfix package on the CommServe computer and then use the CommCell Console to install the hotfixes on all the clients. For instructions, see Installing Hotfixes.

Hotfix Packs

The hotfix package contains all the hotfixes that have been released for this service pack until the date displayed on the package name. For example, SPn Hotfix Pack (date).

To review the contents of the latest package, see Hotfix Pack for Service Pack 6.

If you want to review the critical hotfixes that are included in the latest package, see Critical Hotfixes for Service Pack 6.