V11 SP8

Critical Hotfixes for Service Pack 6

Service Pack 6 includes the following critical hotfixes.

Issue Hotfix

Commvault software might stop responding on Linux clients that have certain versions of glibc.


V2 playback could fail after upgrade from V1 with "Duplicate GUID" error.


Fix for process crashes in thread pool when the processes go down.


Commvault services on a Commserve may perform a lot of C runtime heap allocations.


compaction runs more often than expected


Reconstruction is taking long time when there are lot of subclients in a backupset


DDB may not get marked as corrupted after a crash and will not trigger automatic reconstruction.


ArchiveIndex takes time to launch on loaded Media agents


Failed to restore VM if backed up using controller node if its NFS and multinode capable engine.


Services may take a minute to start with FwConfig.txt having 100K lines

Connections may take up to 2 mins to fail if destination isn't reachable via any of the configured proxies


CatalogMigration job on Unix MediaAged failing due to improper delimiter


We see a corruption while restoring sparse files


Service pack to service pack upgrade in v11 may cause incorrect Transactional DDB setting for DDB.

734, 735

Files are restored as zero bytes


The DDB partition version may be incorrectly set in the Commserve database after extending the number of partitions.


In a certain narrow condition, chunks are marked as committed even if flush operation to media fails.


cvfwd crashing on SPARC Solaris with SIGBUS errors


Phase 3 pruning gets stuck in a loop when zeroRef table has entry with ChunkId 0.


When nPreferredIPFamily setting is missing, V10 clients may go offline


Non-trivial OS locale may cause service lockup on Linux


DDB based data verification job may fail for Transaction based DDBs.


vcloud restores happen in root folder, exposing the VM temporarily to everyone that has access to root


In case of multinode backup copy job if controller nodes shuts down due to network issue then snap is getting unmounted causing other nodes also the issue.


Application Aware backups for Oracle Windows fail.

VSA Application Aware Oracle restores might fail due to shadow not found in set.


VSAAppAwareInstall binary crashes in proxy machine causing appaware backup to go to pending.


Index based operations can fail when ArchiveIndex fails to backup Index log files


backups may fail with error timeout waiting for agent to initialize.


Data paths added automatically during GDP creation incorrectly have Hardware Compression enabled.


Clients are getting automatically dropped from smart client groups.

664, 665

Live Sync schedule from selective copy not running.

662, 663

VSA Live sync not starting after backup copy job is run

660, 661

Software compression may not happen for jobs running to a disk library.

657, 658

commserver is unstable because tempdb grows to a large size

655, 656

Metadata is collected during backup copy even if option is not selected


Backup Copy migt get stuck for block level snap backups that failed or got killed in backup copy phase

649, 650, 651

Backup index playback may fail.


Enhancement to speed up dedupe pruning on cloud.


Adding a controller with read access sometimes sets the number of writers for the same controller in the other mount path to 0


qdelete client fails to delete the client with Invalid client name error even if tried with Admin user.

qlogin shows DB lock time out error in Evmgrs.log

629, 630, 631

VMware Agent initialization may timeout during backup when the VDS service is not responding properly


Security SP causing blocking chains in WIA Tracing.

613, 614

Fix for updating client properties via work queue.

611, 612

Ability to read firewall configuration from a cached directory


Vsa Appaware Job may fail due to hanging vsaappawareInstall binary on VSA proxy machine.

600, 601, 602

VSA appaware Backups - Restore of application data may fail if the disks containing the application are filtered from the VSA backup.

596, 597

SAN mode cross vCenter backup copy fails


Restore from VMware intellisnap fails

589, 591, 592

Connection towards Application Manager service may pile up


Index playback may not complete.


Query/Insert Performance fixes for transaction based DDB.


tempDB size gets increased rapidly.

581, 582

Improve performance on stored procedure that starts VSA replication job

576, 577

Unable to Restore SQL/Exchange data from AppAware backup.


The connection protocol specified on client does not take higher precedence over the protocol specified on client group if the protocol on client group is more safe (example : https(on CG) vs raw(on client) )

The connection protocol specified in firewall configuration may be switched over to HTTPS


CvMountd consumes high memory

qlogin -sso fails


RptSaveStorageUsage stored procedure may fail with duplicate key error.

Library and Drive report shows incorrect values of Space Occupied (TB) column of Disk Libraries table for each mount paths.

Metrics query 146 and 166 may fail with db errors in version 10 CommServers.

563, 564, 565

Performance improvement of reports stored procedures.

559, 561

Currently some activities in workflow engine takes more than 2 minutes to complete. But webconsole waits for only one minute and hence request terminates after 1 minute. This form will increase the timeout at webconsole end to 10 minutes by default.

557, 558, 560

Jobs may fail to get resources due to XML parsing error seen in logs when using "Load-balance among multiple data paths feature" is being used with larger number of streams.

554, 555

System deleted archived data is dropped from Synthetic full


Traditional Sap Hana backup jobs may take longer time than expected.


Disable auto cluster config by default


Hit download-trial.do for one of the trial downloads, and you'll be forced to login.


On upgrading Webconsole, manual changes to Tomcat root app setting gets overwritten.

543, 544

Commserve might have sluggish performance when db maintenance is running.

Transaction log size may increase in CS DB due to large no of entries in Events database.

EvMgrs might crash when doing user account management

CV_Restricted_Visibility is not honored when AD user is member of External Group

Metrics collection might hang without any progress

Network Share password not saved correctly when user modifies the metrics schedules.

531, 532, 533

Index playback may fail for mac apptype.

528, 529, 530

Log backup for SQL appaware is converted to full backup.


VSA OpenStack : restore of an instance from incremental backups might fail.

Openstack instance restores might fail if cinder volumes reside in a different zone than the instance.


Scan crashes when parsing the automount command.


Loading of subclient properties is slow


Launching process using user impersonation may fail while trying to backup SharePoint if UAC enabled


Security fixes for CVD


Fix for database deadlocks during dash copy jobs.

516, 517, 518

Add user may fail for tenant admin in adminconsole and user full name may change when you visit edge drive

Invite email sent from Admin Console is having scrambled password

511, 512, 513

Enhancement to add REST api to find the correct toTime parameter when submitting point in time sql restore

507, 508, 509

Enhancement to not allowing users without Out of place recovery to unselect In Place Recovery option in VSA restore dialog

504, 505

Blocks read from snap is yielding corrupt data.

Mount of snap fails with invalid file system.


DDB data verification process may crash if invalid data is present on media and LZO compression was used during backup.

DDB data verification job may fail to resume in certain situations.


Synthetic full may carry forward less data than expected when job is suspended


w3wp might crash when updating email server config details from admin console.


Users created with no email will have no info to see as the username column is not shown


On demand preview may fail for Edge drive


Multiple fixes for Defrag operation on Deduplicated Mountpaths


VSA backup job may pend during archive index phase due to MediaAgent being switched.

Exchange DAG backup may go pending during update index due to different MediaAgent being used.

492, 493

Commserver upgrade from 10.0 to SP6 may fail while assigning VPN management capabilities to existing users to support backward compability

487, 488

Restart of commvault services crashes EdgeMonitorHelper


Blocklevel backup Index playback will fail.

Live browse may fail.

480, 481, 482

IIS does not start after 1-touch restore.


Default software download delay days is 15.


OnePass subclient skipping content of overlapping content


Commit data to disk in COMMIT RPC


Dedup backups may start failing under heavy load if the DDB MA does not have either Ipv4 or Ipv6 configured

Fix for CvMountd crash during deduplication pruning in an edge condition where some partitions do not have data on certain chunks.


Hotfix install may not copy binaries correctly if update configuration has MaxMediaTransactionID in it.


During Auxiliary copy from IP DataServer some reads fail with error: "Invalid tag header"


SQL TL backup hangs after conversion to FULL.


For scan jobs that were long running, directories were getting deleted before they were processed. They result in opendir failures and job failures.


The Web Console takes more time than expected to appear in some cases.

464, 466

Ransomware protection driver may block CVD from writing to mount paths on service restart


Sometimes Auxiliary Copy job with scalable resource enabled might report chunks out of sequence errors after attempt restart.

455, 456

When we have symlink to the data directory, In case of block level and snap, backup gets completed successfully but restore fails.


Memory leak in CVD when Sharepoint incremental jobs run


Tomcat crashes when generating the PDF report using third party library.


Exchange Mailbox messages with plain body are restored incorrectly or not restored at all.

Restore / CI occasionally crashes when archive files belong to multiple MA's


TempDB may grow due to large number of volumes to process.

DB optimization for pruning of recyclable volumes in media manager.

Ability to skip volume size counters update in mediamanager when there are a lot of backup jobs that can cause slowness.

447, 448, 449

Cloud Backups may fail with resource reservation errors


Enhancement to identify associated clients that must be upgraded due to release compatibility when upgrade an identified client.

437, 439, 440

Operations of files such as create, delete from edge drive fails


Repair and upgrade is corrupting binary transaction registries because of which HotFix update installation is failing.


Potential security issues identified in WebConsole/AdminConsole.