V11 SP8

Contents for Service Pack 6

  1. Add item to review set may fail when multiple copies are backed up and content indexed for file system data especially when one of the copy is recalled from web console. 427, 428
  2. Support for shards query using exchange virtual cloud & search engine cloud. 423, 424, 426
  3. AMIs shouldn't be listed in subclient contents. 421
  4. Pruning may fail for Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Service. 420
  5. Micro pruning may get stuck when the upload file size mismatched and tried to resend it. 420
  6. Reduce the data transfers for Micro Pruning on cloud servers. 420
  7. Support for increasing the maximum previous versions in retention at the subclient level 416, 417
  8. Browse from CIFS or NFS snap backup for FS iDA on NetApp doesn't show all the files. 414
  9. Crash during PST Archiving 403
  10. LNDOC backup crahes while backing up profile docs in case of lengthy user names 401
  11. During 1-Touch restore if destination machine have 2 NICs and trying to restore using firewall, dummy client will be with 169 address. 398
  12. Client registration will fail for clone 1-Touch restore. 398
  13. Content Indexing is showing much more data to process then expected 399, 400
  14. Custom reports may fail to load with unauthorized error. 390, 391
  15. Web Job Summary report PDF export fails when the table has large number of rows. 381, 388
  16. Action menu is missing on the commcell's dashboard. 380, 385
  17. Chargeback Trend Details at the CommCell level is not honoring the interval type selection. 380, 385
  18. Chargeback Trend report is dipping to zero when data is not available for a given month/week/day. 380, 385
  19. Some SQL writer files not getting filtered from regual file system backup. 379
  20. Incremental backups takes a long time to complete. 371
  21. OracleZFS Snap engine crashing on Solaris x64 (intel) platform 363
  22. Metrics strike report shows duplicate entries in details table. 361
  23. Metrics strike report does not honor client group filter correctly. 361
  24. Metrics dashboard counts laptops and edge drive clients in strike counts. 361
  25. Adding Ability to customize Expiry for shares 358, 364
  26. Adding ability to customize visibility of public link sharing 358, 364
  27. Disabling/Enabling all DIPs on a client also disables/enables all DIPs in the environment 354
  28. Enhancement to permanently disable Quick Run Tools on the CommCell, CommServer, and Clients via QScript. 353, 355
  29. auto discovery fails to access shared job results directory 348
  30. archive job fails as wrong exchange version getting populated for ex 07 and 16 348
  31. discovery by of ad group fails if groups have special char in them 348
  32. CommServ UniqueID column is shown in all SLA report exports. 337
  33. Customer is not able to delete user from cloud. 337
  34. EvMgrS is consuming high memory. 334
  35. Oracle ZFS Snap engine job may cause CVMA crash on Solaris 288
  36. Event Viewer does not update in live time. 287, 289
  37. Block level live browse may not work for older backups. 281
  38. Xen Out of place restore with overwrite option doesn't work 280
  39. Even empty job was moving on to backup phase 283
  40. Backup job may not be submitted with error activities disabled at instance level. 282
  41. There was no way to determine earliest backup time for a given SQL instance on a client. 269, 270, 271
  42. Webconsole: Application page doesn't show any applications 267, 268
  43. Snap restore from copy backup might fail if .edb file is in upper case. 264
  44. Snap restore from copy backup failed for restore from incremental. 264
  45. CVD may fail to read certificates due to too many open files error. 263
  46. Bug Fixes related to Job View Grid 259
  47. Redirect loop while accessing adminconsole after some idle time 259
  48. Multi-streams restore only shows single stream in job details 258
  49. HANA backups can fail if the EBID is greater than 16 bytes 244
  50. Command line backups or restores could fail if there are duplicate host name records in the CommServe database table Client 244
  51. MySQL IntelliSnap restore operation fails when name of the default subclient is changed. 229
  52. SyntheticFull job may fail with "Unable to send pipeline buffer" because of insufficient buffer space. 216
  53. Auxcopy may crash if big pipeline buffer was used during SyntheticFull job. 216
  54. COM Port scanning tools show detection during cvd startup 213
  55. Setting bareFrameMode in SP5 doesn't work 189
  56. DSN creation fails during install Commserve/Webserver/MetricsReporting/Workflow engine when the length of clientname is more than 20 186, 188
  57. When FULL job is running, auto schedule for SQL is not kicking off log backup after criteria met. 181
  58. For system state backup enabled subclients, Increase in capacity license usage for synthetic fulls might be noticed 170
  59. System administrators may not be added to the security of certificate key file on non English locale machines. 149
  60. Index playback can get stuck during job commit processing 140
  61. Bug Fix for web console not showing smart content. 140
  62. Index Reconstruction taking a lot of time to start. 140
  63. Web server changes to list Share point office365 in My data page 133, 135
  64. Unwanted warning message was popped when setting storage policy in Amazon VSA subclient properties. 125
  65. Amazon region mapping for new Amazon VSA subclient was not saved. 125
  66. Custom OEM branding support for UNIX 123
  67. FS Backup copy fails in FileScan phase for Oracle snap backups. 120
  68. Move mount path may give permission errors for UNC paths 118
  69. restore v10 backup jobs on v11 client crashes. Issue - job id array is empty but accessed. 110
  70. Azure backup job is failing if disk is fragmented 108
  71. Version 9 to Version 11 upgrade fails as the File System Advanced package is not transferred to the client computer. 106
  72. GXHSMSERVICERESTOREACLS key might not work as expected in conjunction with GXHSMRECALL_ENABLE_EARLY_DRIVER_NOTIFICATION key. 104
  73. Oracle revert restores are delayed by the ASMCMD. 97
  74. Exchange Mining operation encountering zero data and failing with "Blank page" 94
  75. Auxcopy job has errors of the form "No resource of type 'vserver' with fully qualified name '<array management name>' was found." 82
  76. In a Primary-Vault-Mirror configuration for NetApp 7-Mode, if the primary snapshot was deleted, auxiliary copy was failing during Vault to Mirror transfer with the error "Couldnt Add DataSetMembers to DB". 82
  77. Snap unmount fails but commserver marks the unmount success leaving clone of the snap on the Nutanix array not deleted. 61
  78. Search tab in userGroup properties was empty 54, 57, 58, 59
  79. User might see slowness in browse for virtual server agent 48
  80. Web console login is slow because of a sub optimal query. 28, 29
  81. After moving the CI Search Engine index directory using the workflow, SOLR searches still point to the old index directory 28, 29
  82. Prune CI Jobs that have already aged by default 28, 29
  83. take job to pending when a fatal vminfo error occurs on the first VM 26
  84. IntelliSnap revert operations may fail on few VERITAS disks. 23887
  85. Skips validating the physical restart offset during NAS and IntelliSnap auxiliary copy operations. 23886
  86. Failed to backup list with exception - Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerException: The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator. 23883
  87. Backup does not process if selected exported staging location requires document to be checked out before it can be edited. 23883
  88. Security fixes for Analytics Engine regarding Download Center. 23881, 23884, 23891
  89. Service pack update or release upgrade may fail due to package inconsistencies. When the installer is restarted, it may clean up all the installed packages. 23850
  90. Installer may delete the source directory and the installation may not complete. 23850
  91. Jobs fail with following: Thread [0] is not running, -1 6 Waited 0 seconds for critical section, possible VDDK Deadlock encountered. 23846
  92. Tape Libray deconfiguration fails. 23845
  93. Configure offline edge drive operation fails with web server certificate error. 23843
  94. Writing to a device with private store causes a Data Storage Interrupt (DSI) crash. 23844
  95. Linux 1-Touch recovery might fail to recreate XFS File System due to missing command options. 23830
  96. Live Sync - The restored VMs might not have the configured network settings. 23805
  97. Classic CommCell Configuration Report may not honor user security. 23821, 23825, 23837
  98. Backup job is randomly failing for Azure virtual machine. 23813
  99. VM browse might be slower than expected. 23806, 23808, 23817
  100. Tag operations were not working on My Review Sets. 23789, 23792, 23798
  101. Bulk tagging was failing. 23789, 23792, 23798
  102. Tagging did not remember the user who tagged a document. 23789, 23792, 23798
  103. Copy precedence is not set during the AWS snap restore from the replication region. 23790
  104. The OpenVMS client launch process might leak connection sockets. 23783
  105. The Recovery Point and Time custom report shows the incorrect client size and RTO for VMs. 23770
  106. A workflow is created to execute commands on a remote client. 23769
  107. Review tag facet entries are not searchable 23754
  108. Push install to a new Unix client using Unix Remote Cache may crash. 23746
  109. You cannot save the script as another user when using the Save as Script feature. 23753
  110. The backup job fails even if no files or folders exist. 23592
  111. Security associations cannot be done on schedule policy alerts. 23570, 23594
  112. After adding a new JDBC driver, it is not immediately available in the UI when creating or editing a JDBC data source. 23612, 23727
  113. Snap2Tape Backup Copy fails in the scan phase while processing files under DBS directory when DBS is a symbolic link. 23581
  114. Upgrade Apache Tomcat to version 8.5.5 23566, 23567, 23741
  115. Security updates for Tomcat. 23566, 23567, 23741
  116. Files are missing after a backup operation. 23648
  117. Pushing packages from a different CommServe to the same client, when the value of bAllowMultiInstance is not set as the client name, will clean up the installed instance. 23643
  118. During a push installation of a service pack, if the installer key is left over from a previous finished interactive installation, the installer cleans up the previous installation and fails to install the service pack. 23643
  119. Installer fails to reinstall some packages saying that the MSI product is already installed. 23643
  120. The setup.exe window is not hidden when the configureclienttool.exe is launched. 23643
  121. Circular logging enabled for random databases at random times. 23597
  122. File access logging is required for cloud libraries to track the chunk files on cloud storage. 23624
  123. Current code just handles the first value in the e-mail field, X-ZANTAZ-RECIP. This is a multi-value field. 23630
  124. Auto certificate renewal may hang when there are network issues. 23620
  125. Internal: Improve the performance of metrics queries. 23655
  126. DAG Controller Resource Allocation - Reserved resource is not used and waits for additional resources. 23596
  127. PST archiving jobs fail to complete. 23591
  128. Browse operations fail after the Reference Copy is uploaded to the cloud. 23591
  129. The cxFileHeader contains an empty path for the database folder backup. 23583
  130. Allow backward compatibility with list parameters for join datasets. 23614
  131. The backups running to a disk library may have slow performance if the size calculation on the disk takes time. 23625
  132. Performance improvement of stored procedures for CommCell Configuration report, Job Summary report and SLA (Service Level Agreement) report. 23699, 23716
  133. Non-administrator users can see all clients in the Web SLA report. 23699, 23716
  134. Block-level backup copy job may fail with the "Failed to load snapshot" error. 23672
  135. MySQL block-level backup copy may fail when the Commvault installation process and MySQL data directory share the same mount when you back up troubleshooting files. 23672
  136. The IntelliSnap backup job contains RDM snap entries that need to be deleted. 23646
  137. A file level restore from the metadata may override the destination client if the selected destination proxy is itself a virtualization client. 23635
  138. Failed to complete DDB seeding workflow. 23680, 23705
  139. The previously set Web Server is not displayed on the Client Group Properties dialog when the property is re-opened for later viewing. 23679, 23704, 23719
  140. If the owner of a client group is a User Group, then the owner column is blank on the Client Group tab. 23679, 23704, 23719
  141. VMware live recovery was failing on ESX 6.0 Patch 3. 23602
  142. For OpenVMS clients that have a TCPWare stack, pre-scan script was failing during backups. 23665
  143. Backup job of UNC path may succeed without backing up anything if there is an error seen on the scan path. 23585
  144. Failed file processing may be slow, especially for the UNC paths. 23585
  145. Backup phase fails many items if it encounters a problem with the share. 23585
  146. The cvpkgchg command has below issues: 1. Displays incorrect message while restarting services, and the services are not restarted. 2. Existing file permissions are not reflected in the user interface. 23555
  147. Due to Net40 factory, job fails with mixed mode library error. 23454
  148. Unable to restore to the root of a Linux virtual machine using VMware agentless restore. 23453
  149. Standalone CommCell Console installations using a custom package crash at the end. 23450
  150. Firewall configuration can go away. 23448
  151. Database restore using CSRecoveryAssistant fails if the DB file and the log file in the given database dump are in a separate location. 23440
  152. Installer must not connect to database on standby node. 23436
  153. INformix third party log restore fails. 23433
  154. OSC schedules are not loading on the client 23425
  155. A full VM restore from an incremental snapshot is not booting when the nExtentSize key is enabled. 23460, 23497, 23536
  156. Hyper-V client version may not be updated after a physical client is upgraded. 23496, 23522
  157. The index cache information in the CommCell Readiness Report might display the wrong client name. 23493, 23518
  158. Added the archSQLJobCopyToBeRetained table to the big tables list in the Metrics Health Scale Statistics Report. 23404
  159. Some data might not be backed up of there are multiple legal hold jobs try to access intersecting data. 23489, 23515
  160. The installer honors alternate temporary directories that are specified during push installations and always uses "/tmp". 23459
  161. IBM SVC consistency group with snapshots may not start exactly at snap phase. 23401
  162. CI Job is not running in multiple streams if it gets triggered by schedule policy 23397
  163. A data analytics job could fail or go to a pending state if the data being fed to the engine is from pre 9.0 Windows backups or UNIX clients. 23396
  164. RAC restores with switch DB mode do not frame the SRVCTL command correctly. 23389
  165. Restores from on-demand backups fail when executed from an RMAN prompt. 23389
  166. Sync restores fail in the cataloging pieces. 23389
  167. Offline backups might fail to start. 23386
  168. Intermittent failures occur during util_file_online backups. 23373
  169. The SIDB2 process might stay in hung state after pruning in certain cases. 23364
  170. Enhancement: Add Security on roles. 23465, 23469, 23491, 23529
  171. In tenant environment, one tenant was able to see other tenant's roles. 23465, 23469, 23491, 23529
  172. Full VM restore fails if there are Chinese characters in the VM name. 23348
  173. The run time capability check on reports will be used for non-admin users only if "All" option is selected for the entity filters. 23328, 23329, 23330
  174. A Linux 1-Touch: recovery process might hang during the disk partition/format in stage-2. 23126
  175. Linux 1-Touch: backup might fail if multipath device universal unique identifiers contain whitespaces. 23126
  176. An AIX revert operation that uses a persistent engine fails due to a PVID mismatch. 23075
  177. The restore operation on Oracle tables fails with large number of tables. 22997
  178. Restores of SQL Server databases were failing with the error "Archive has no data". 23318
  179. The run time capability check on reports will be used for non-admin users only if the All option is selected for the entity filters. 23206, 23255, 23310
  180. Persistent tunnel might be converted as on demand when remote machine is reachable from multiple proxies. 23063
  181. After upgrade, some MediaAgents can have empty Index Cache path. 23061
  182. The SAP HANA client release might not get updated after the physical nodes are upgraded to v11. 23183, 23242
  183. On Solaris, the revert zpool commands keep running on the client computer, even after aborting the recovery operation. 23093
  184. Automatic schedules might not run if one of the jobs fails with the pre-post script error. 23015
  185. Users might not be able to restart client services from the GUI when jobs are running on the client. 23013
  186. Enhancement: Add Disk Library filter in Disk Library Utilization report. 22998
  187. New custom report: Library Throughput Trend. 22996
  188. Cluster SQL AS instance discovery (or addition) fails. 22985
  189. Hyper-V IntelliSnap for NetApp job reports successful completion while the snapshot creation attempt fails. 22983
  190. Library Throughput Trend report displays incorrect used time and throughput. 22981
  191. The Front End Cost per TB per DDB shown in the health report should include all of the front end size, not just the licensed capacity. 22981
  192. In case of read-only databasess, there won't be any changes to the LSN (or data). This causes diff backups to not have any update in the CheckPoint LSN. In some cases, this makes the chain longer and jobs related to backups are held for longer. 22980
  193. When VMs from multiple subclients are added to a Live Sync schedule, jobs do not complete for all VMs, and the In Sync status is reported incorrectly. 23138, 23213, 23259
  194. Live Sync - Replication might fail with error "VM already exists". 23138, 23213, 23259
  195. Live Sync - VM might get corrupted and the following message appears "disk consolidation needed when replication job is killed by user". 23138, 23213, 23259
  196. A recall could fail after a CCM. 23078
  197. The log jobs are retained at the instance level from the oldest data that is retained by the basic days or cycles retention. If a user changes the storage policy to keep the data and logs with a lower retention value, then the log rule will continue to keep all the logs from the oldest data on the old storage policy that has a higher retention value. 23133, 23211
  198. search engine access control using white list file 22972
  199. Move mount path may stuck in phase 2 if large number files involved in the move 23073
  200. Ability to identify and hide duplicates in a review set based on desired set of fields 23127, 23208, 23240, 23249
  201. Enhancement: at subclient level, there is now an option to ignore the backupset disk filters. 23121
  202. An IBM i backup job on resume start from beginning after most of the data completed in previous attempt. 22864
  203. Support impersonation for a file system backup. 22860
  204. SQL 2008 plugin fails to load after a configuration. 22852
  205. CommCell Configuration Report may not honor User Security. 22892, 22904, 22914
  206. Some reports utilize high CPU and the tempDB. 22891, 22903
  207. Improve performance of the SP loading VMs and its properties. 22890, 22902
  208. VSA Oracle VM Proof of Concept requirement: Unix Mount support for OCFS2 volumes snapshot. 22863
  209. A 1-Touch Linux VirtualizeMe operation may fail due to sparse file restore that causes disk full errors.
  210. Live Sync - Restored VM may not have configured network settings. 22555
  211. Custom metadata is not restored. 22659, 22772
  212. Folder size could be bigger than expected for NAS Snapshots with SnapDiff. 22646
  213. SharePoint Office 365 does not show all subsites when browsing the web. 22617
  214. A snapshot unmount operation for NFS configurations on NetApp cluster mode might leave behind export policies if the file server volume is shared by multiple subclients. 22616
  215. A snapshot mount operation for NFS configurations on NetApp cluster mode fails when export permissions contain duplicate entries. 22616
  216. You cannot disable a schedule policy even when you have modify permissions. 22709, 22763, 22803
  217. A new check box Support a CommCell level property for "Snap jobs to qualify SLA" is added in the CommCell Properties. 22706, 22761
  218. Enhancement: Added an option to count clients that met SLA when snap jobs completed with no backup copy. 22602
  219. Database upgrade might fail if the workflows CreateClone or CloneOperations are added. 22601
  220. Fix for setting UNC content password. 22600
  221. Collect metadata if flag is not set in the XML of user interface. 22575
  222. Subclient name is not visible in the "Snap Info Changed" alert. 22574
  223. Adding support for backing up data or restoring data based on the UID for the machine login on UNIX. 22661
  224. Qscript to set a client group for a subclient. 22697, 22753
  225. If invalid utf8 characters passed through the analytics engine, then the data analytics job might fail or might go to a pending state. 22539
  226. Ability to identify and hide duplicates in a review set based on desired set of fields 22680, 22739
  227. Ownership is not set when impersonation is used for file system restores. 22532
  228. Locked files may get missed from backup if VSS snapshot fails. 22530
  229. Allow organization user to register to the CommServe. 22526
  230. Browse.log on CommServe might have entries regarding inaccessible index cache. 22524, 22670, 22767
  231. Onbar restores fail to create chunks if chunk paths are just file names instead of their absolute paths. 22523
  232. Even though secondary index server is configured and the required index is available on the SIS server, browse and restore of certain jobs might require index to be restored from the media. 22522
  233. Hadoop archiving job fails to back up VHD and ISO files. 22521
  234. Multi-array support for the Pure Storage snap engine. 22512, 22660, 22738
  235. The mount operation might fail for the EMC XtremIO snap engine on Linux platform. 22512, 22660, 22738
  236. Some text in the Audit Trail Report is not readable when viewed in a Web format if special characters are present. 22378, 22427, 22478
  237. The run-time generation preview of a compliance search for regular File System data might fail. 22378, 22427, 22478
  238. Client Side deduplication may not happen for Global dedup policy if client has used the storage policy settings option. 22308, 22394, 22433
  239. IntelliSnap support for the non-root install deployments on the AIX system. 22252
  240. The eDiscovery Exception Report does not work as expected. 22201
  241. The last DDB backup time of the DDB partition summary is shown in the CommServe time zone only. 22238
  242. When the latest VSA backup fails for an application-assisted backup, the restore fails using the corresponding application. 22255
  243. Chargeback data collection does not honor a user specified date selection. 22254
  244. The cvspcompatibilitycheck tool fails to check and assign the permission if there is "_" in the Simpana user name. 22182
  245. RptStorageUsage table may grow large in size. 22377, 22426
  246. GUI shows the release license option for SharePoint pseudo clients. 22174, 22249
  247. Restore with impersonation of root user fails on AIX. 22287
  248. Password verification fails for restore on AIX. 22287
  249. Backup Copy phases are not run for block-level subclients on Windows 2003 client computers. 22244
  250. When you add selected items to the review set interactively with very large meta-data on the items causes operations to fail when more than a certain number of items are selected. 22242, 22466
  251. Compliance search site does not show attachments for new exchange agent preview. Also, the header of an email such as From, To, Cc is shown twice. 22242, 22466
  252. Support for service start on reboot for new ubuntu releases xenial and yakkety 22286
  253. Outlook addin content stored in online mode does not show embedded images in the email. 22219
  254. Invalid offset provided by IBM i IDA is causing MediaAgent CVD crash. 22202
  255. IBM i backup or restore job may fail during large library backups or restores. 22202
  256. VSA Super Browse could take significant time in case of many subclients in a single backup set. 22200
  257. VSA browse takes significant time to find a list of virtual machines owned by the user who is initiating the browse operation. 22200
  258. Two-factor authentication fails for AD users that are deleted, and then added as client owners. 22297, 22389
  259. Silo retrieval fails because of an "unable to decrypt password" error. 22188
  260. Deduplication partition information never loads intermittently. Under the 'Deduplication Engines' section of the CommCell Browser, if we expand the DDB 'GlobalDedupOCADDB/GlobalDedupOCADDB_Primary' and open the partitions, frequently, one of the two partitions under this DDB fails to load the properties and the left hand pane hangs and displays the 'Loading...' message but nothing happens. 22164
  261. Enhance installer to retry on communication error connection to the CommServe through a firewall. 22275
  262. All proxy IP addresses are filtered out of the secondary list. 22185
  263. All items on the primary and the secondary list in the CommCell group are added to the exclusion list. 22185
  264. During a PostgreSQL restore, files might get restored to the root volume. 22162
  265. The Exchange database restore operation ignores the selected MediaAgent and uses the primary MediaAgent. 22158
  266. Snap mining jobs fail if the .edb file extension is in upper case letters (that is, .EDB). 22157
  267. The source VM is moved to the destination mode after an Out-Of-Place restore of a Hyper-V VM. 22155
  268. Restore of the CommServe database dump fails on SQL 2014 with cumulative updates (CU1 or CU2) installed. 22136
  269. LiveSync jobs go to pending state with the message 'JPR: Needs Reboot'. 21956
  270. CVD on the client may crash when Oracle Automatic instance discovery is turned on at the agent level. 22011
  271. RAC backup picks a node for channel allocation even when the node is down. 22011
  272. RAC targetless duplicate is using the SID instead of the database name in duplicate command. 22011
  273. CVD on a Windows client may crash if the OSC schedules are configured on the Oracle auto discovered instances. 22011
  274. OnePass regkey sUserArchiverDriver is deleted during the service restart when there is a network error. 21978
  275. Unable to delete older jobs from the storage policy copy - jobs level. 21939
  276. Calendar item restore fails in Hebrew. 22006
  277. OpenVMS directories are restored as corrupted if 0 KB files are restored into them. 22025
  278. A cluster CommServe may have an incorrect version displayed in the CommCell Console after service pack 5 is installed. 21975
  279. The shared path is not deleted after the analysis backup job. 21969
  280. Updating to SP5 degraded the performance of SQL Server backups. 21963
  281. A recover operation for the 1-Touch for Linux Agent might fail in the case where there is no free disk space with bind mounts. 21943
  282. Incorrect size reported for some block level backup jobs causes arithmetic overflow error in EvMgrs logs. 22018, 22060
  283. Live Sync - Network is not disconnected during validation of the destination virtual machine. 21906
  284. Added support for RHEV 4.0 tags. 21904
  285. When VMs from multiple subclients are added to a Live Sync schedule, jobs do not complete for all VMs, and In Sync status is reported incorrectly. 21832, 21835, 21854, 21862
  286. Live Sync - Replication might fail with error "VM already exists". 21832, 21835, 21854, 21862
  287. Live Sync - VM might get corrupted and the following message appears "disk consolidation needed when replication job is killed by user". 21832, 21835, 21854, 21862
  288. Change: Block browse capability when a user does not have 'In place restore' permission and the EnforceImpersonationForBackup additional setting (global param) is set to 1. 21825
  289. Search initialization is failing for recreated users 21846, 21856
  290. During IBMi backup, "Too many open files" error was occurring. 21838
  291. Scan was failing if subfolders of /QDLS folder were configured in subclient content. 21838
  292. Enhancement to pass log output option for DLO (laptop) backups. 21838
  293. The cvd service does not respond on the Solaris system. 21760
  294. A Linux 1-Touch non-interactive recovery might fail for bonded, bridged interface configurations. 21763
  295. 1-Touch Linux: In the Save XML response the GUI, and the DHCP fields might show as enabled even when the NIC is configured for a for static IP. 21761
  296. 1-Touch Linux: A backup might fail because the 'ddate' package is not installed on the client. 21761
  297. Adding QoS Support for UNIX. 21752
  298. RptOneDaySLA stored procedure fails with the database error: "insert duplicate key." 21776, 21789
  299. The Web Service Level Agreement SLA report displayed the excluded subclients as failed when the client met SLA. 21776, 21789
  300. Exclude all "Virtual Server Application Snap" subclients from SLA. 21776, 21789
  301. Proxies installed on newer versions of the Acropolis cluster do not show up under the various screens where proxies can be picked for Acropolis clients / subclients. 21675
  302. Oracle snap backups with multiple symbolic links fail. 21669
  303. Additional checks to confirm that the close chunk operation is successful. 21662
  304. The client list does not appear in the user interface. 21507
  305. Synthetic full jobs to reflect if the system state is included in backups and also the backup date. 21489, 21490, 21491, 21492
  306. Open System Data Protection backup job fails on Windows if the subclient contains two partitions from the same source disk. 21471
  307. Time Zone information on the Oracle Backup Schedule Advanced tab is not saved. 21404
  308. Entity name to ID converter locks tables for longer time causing lock timeouts. 21444, 21445, 21446
  309. vsbkp process may crash while processing virtual machines. 21383
  310. Application size may be calculated by including the same LUN or volume multiple times when qtree(NetApp) or when LVMs with certain configurations like multiple physical volumes with one logical volume 21382, 21396
  311. Index Cache may become empty if the MediaAgent upgrade request is triggered by CVD syncup. 21378, 21380, 21386
  312. On CommServe computers using SQL 2012, some clients may have inconsistent release information after you upgrade to Version 11. 21378, 21380, 21386
  313. Active Directory users may get locked out after running push install jobs. 21378, 21380, 21386
  314. OEM specific command might be written as multiple files with filename as characters from brand name. 21357
  315. An IntelliSnap backup operation might go into a pending state with an error saying that there are no resources if a backup copy operation is running in parallel with no resources to run. 21324, 21332
  316. The CommCell Readiness Report is not honoring the selected report options for the Summary table. 21323, 21330
  317. During a SaaS restore, data is staged to a JR folder. There is no option to customize it. There is a possibility of running out of space in the JR folder. 21265
  318. If the SMTP address is in uppercase, the Outlook ContentStore login fails. 21260
  319. In foreign setups, restore from SQL plugin fails with 'No Databases found'. 21252
  320. The operation window on the auxiliary copy schedule policy is not honored. 21251
  321. Snap pruning might not happen if there are jobs with LUNs from multiple arrays. 21254, 21259, 21267
  322. The export feature for reports data might not work. 21227, 21246
  323. Updates for the FusionCompute support. 21219
  324. The CommServe name was not correct in MySqlStartRestore. 21205
  325. User is not able to open the 'Edit' dialogue box of a restore schedule. 21200
  326. VM File level agentless restore completes successfully however the file doesn't get restored 21199
  327. Browsing VMs from the My Data page on the Web Console fails if the VM name contains a right-parenthesis character. 21194
  328. In NetApp, if a LUN is in "inconsistent" state, it is ignored from the backup but the job completes successfully. Instead, the job status should be "completed with one or more errors" and the LUN should be added to failed-files. 21184
  329. Tape Open error from virtual-tape path is displayed in the Job Events instead of just debug log message. 21184
  330. Custom report is available for the workflow CMAssetSetCompliance. 21148
  331. Workflow is available for customer for Case Manager. 21147
  332. Live Sync Monitor does not sort the Schedule Name column correctly. 21057
  333. User with Limited Access privileges is unable to open the properties of MySQL instance. 21144
  334. CommServe hosts that have been updated to Service Pack 5 show the Job Management - Data Protection alert status as Not Applicable when it should show the status as either Success or Completed with Errors. 21127
  335. Unable to access Software Store from Web Console. 21119
  336. Client List summary page optimization for file analytics report. 21116
  337. What's New link is displayed in Help menu and can be customized. 21109
  338. All the data subclients that contain the DFSR component path in the content fail in the scan phase. 21104
  339. Some deconfigured client computers were using the wrong display icon. 21102
  340. The name of the Capacity License Usage by Clients custom report has been changed to Capacity License Usage by Client and Storage Policy. 21081
  341. An Only cluster specific categories are allowed error occurs when an entry is added to the additional settings on a client group. 21042
  342. The wrong schedule policies are being modified by end users because the cursor selection jumps automatically. 21039
  343. There is a database error while viewing the CommServe Properties. 21035
  344. New custom report to show restore job details in metrics server. 21034
  345. Enhancement: New additional setting to specify the time range for a Job Summary report in days as an absolute value. 21023, 21025
  346. After recreating an AD user account, Case Manager users are unable to access cases on which the user is a reviewer. 21019, 21022
  347. In rare cases, the defragmentation of data on mountpaths for deduplication database may not progress. 21014
  348. Restore operation using the db2util.sh fails. 21016
  349. Network path creation error during backup. 21011
  350. Index restores from a NAS attached tape are failing intermittently. Logs show a mover_set_record_size failure. 21004
  351. Reference copy backup job on case manager with review set might fail if any data in the review set is not available in source backup. 20999
  352. Unable to run select users using case manager. 20998
  353. User was not able to delete a schedule policy that was associated to a plan, even after the plan was deleted. 20997
  354. RBS installer fails with error "Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer." 20989
  355. Snap unmount and snap deletion might fail when the XMS server manages multiple arrays. 20982
  356. VSA- restored VM may not have network settings configured by a user. 20861, 20863
  357. Linux 1-Touch: User cannot boot stage-2 in certain configurations.
  358. VSA - Restored/Replicated VM will have source IP Address 20856
  359. AWS backup may fail to find the proxy instance when a http proxy is being used. 20855
  360. The index cache directory of a cluster MediaAgent could change in version 11 after upgrading from version 9 or version 10. 20641
  361. During the installation of additional packages from Media/DVD whose applicable packages are already installed causes the installer to stop and exit the installation without any error message. 20647
  362. Release upgrade from a lower SP instance may miss some registry items. 20644
  363. Enhancement to provide CommCell Migration support for Gmail and Google Drive clients. 20429, 20562, 20604, 20614
  364. VSA AppAware backup of a virtual machine with Exchange data - Exchange server becomes unresponsive after the VSA backup completes and is waiting for the Exchange backup to complete. Outlook requests time out with RPC errors. 20789, 20790, 20798
  365. Using different FTP sites for different report schedules do not work. 20727
  366. While creating a new role, if the Associations tab was clicked, the busy cursor was displayed in the CommCell Console and there were a few errors in the log. 20694
  367. Deletion of storage policy or storage policy copy may fail when storage service related objects of Snap Vault or Mirror copies cannot be deleted if the OCUM server has been decommissioned. 20761
  368. JobManager and EvMgrs service may crash if a scheduled drive validation job is submitted for a deleted drive. 20745
  369. Add stored procedure support to get the backup job details of the last 7 days from the Metrics Report. 20664, 20671
  370. Enhancement: Add CommCells and CommCell Groups inputs to strikes in the last 24 hours custom report. 20654
  371. Enhancement to add Reason for Delay column in the custom report for pending jobs. 20651, 20658
  372. After running tape import for the missing jobs on the secondary copy, the auxiliary copy job might not work. 20355, 20472
  373. Arithmetic overflow errors when the software attempts to expand deduplication engines in the CommCell Console. 20363, 20480
  374. Failure in execution of MMGetSIDBInfoAndFailoverOfflineAccessPath. 20348, 20466
  375. When user selects "Get Latest DB" during sendlogfiles job, the DR job is launched without compression. 20180
  376. Deduplication database reconstruction jobs were failing with a database error because the total size of some block level backup jobs was not consistent with the size of corresponding backup copy jobs. 20372, 20492
  377. You are unable to run differential backups after disabling the "IntelliSnap [Virtual Server Software Snap]" option. 20208
  378. After upgrading to Commvault v11, IntelliSnap backup operations of new IntelliSnap configurations might fail because of a DB error. 20397, 20525
  379. Capacity of Virtual Server backup should be excluded when protected virtual machine license is applied on the license server. 20402, 20531
  380. Exclude invalid guest sizes of virtual machines from front end size calculation. 20402, 20531
  381. CommCell migration may include the clients that have no client passwords. 20389, 20516
  382. Vault Tracker report does not format tapes alphabetically when you use a style sheet. 20398, 20526
  383. Script QS_DataProtectionJobSummary does not exclude deleted virtual machines. 20401, 20530
  384. Log only restore is not restoring the latest logs if you are restoring from a secondary copy. 20382, 20506, 20539
  385. Enhancement to support for not excluding long-time offline clients from SLA. Long-time offline clients should be excluded from SLA correctly. 20462, 20593, 20638
  386. Metrics SLA report does not indicate the last completed snap job as No Backup Copy for subclients missed SLA. 20462, 20593, 20638
  387. Web SLA report does not display the missed clients with no backup copy of snap jobs in 'No Job in SLA Period' category. 20462, 20593, 20638
  388. Exclude from SLA at VM client level is not honored in SLA calculation. A client should be shown in Excluded Client list when all subclients are excluded from SLA. 20462, 20593, 20638
  389. SLA calculation can be faster if not using big table variables. 20462, 20593, 20638
  390. Content index job may fail for legal hold storage policy 20457, 20589
  391. If the SSO logon is used, the restore current database job fails to start, which results in the error "No databases selected for restore". 20330
  392. When disconnected, the Virtual Server backup process might crash. 20324
  393. For a scheduled web report, each user receives separate email. 20443
  394. Restoring file was not shown in the restore job details dialog box. 20166
  395. Custom report for guest File level restore now contains details of source VM and folders chosen 20313
  396. Additional setting to pull data from previous backup cycles was not working for synthetic full backups of UNIX platforms. 20303
  397. Qlist backupfiles with data browse request may not work properly from HP-UX client when the input XML has fromTime and toTime in browse time range as human readable strings. 20300
  398. Fix for Index backup subclient. 20299
  399. The force password change feature does not work with the email login from the Web Console. 20430, 20563, 20605, 20617, 20620
  400. Password that has special characters cannot be changed from the Admin Console or from the Web Console. 20430, 20563, 20605, 20617, 20620
  401. Password cannot be changed for the organization users from the Web Console. 20430, 20563, 20605, 20617, 20620
  402. Fix for subclient policy cursor. 20428
  403. The "comparison of service pack information" feature displays hot fix information for the source machine after a system state backup. 20161, 20282
  404. The user will see all the information collected. 20161, 20282
  405. A PST archiving job stops responding when the PST is opened with Microsoft Outlook 2013. 20259
  406. Unable to add prefix or suffix to a list of bar codes. 20254
  407. A QScript has been created that removes extra entries from the simXmlRequest table for VSA installs. 20248
  408. Adding the RptStorageUsage table to the big table section. 20244
  409. 1-Touch for Linux: the NFS mount operation to locate the response file might fail. 20683
  410. 1-Touch for Linux: the backup operation of the system state might fail for some duplicate fstab entries. 20683
  411. Staging folders, which are set as subclient property, is not used for analysis services backup staging. Error messages occur during AS databases backup. 20226
  412. Search was returning empty results for Hebrew characters in Internet Explorer 11. 20216
  413. Backups to cell-shared library are pending with insufficient drives pending reason. 20210
  414. Add Total Streaming VMs to VM Protection Summary custom report. 20209
  415. XFS Revert operation fails on a failure to mount the filesystem. 20646
  416. For INFINIDAT snap engine, delete operation might fail if the snap job failed due to wrong array credentials entered in the Array Management dialog box. 20205
  417. Support for alerts on growth in metrics reports. 20369, 20486
  418. The duplicate NetApp array metadata in the CommServ database causes delays during snap operations. 20195
  419. Library information was not displayed in the Location field of the Assigned Media. 20194
  420. SQL Command timeout exception occurs. 20191
  421. Spanning to a new tape or reading of OML operation may fail with database error if Commserve host name between the database and registry is mismatched. 20190
  422. Intellisnap on ZFS with a Zone ID but the parameter set as "zoned=off" moves into pending state with an error that the file system is not marked zoned. 20643
  423. A database error displayed when the CommServe Properties dialog was opened. 20182
  424. 32-bit installation on a 64-bit machine may have connectivity issues. 20179
  425. Add DDB Disk Space Utilization to Health report. 20132, 20133, 20134
  426. Add Top 25 Growing Clients to Health report. 20132, 20133, 20134
  427. Index playback is slow for an upgraded incremental job when huge entries are deleted in that job. 20063
  428. MariaDB with 5.5.35-41 mysqldump will exit silently if --log-error is used by mysqld. This causes dump to be empty and yet marks backup success. 20119
  429. Index playback may take long time to complete. 20082
  430. Network is not reconfigured when restoring a VMware virtual machine with a dvSwitch to a different vCenter. 19987, 19988
  431. Multi-stream synthetic full backup job may complete without backing up anything. 20062
  432. The Edge Drive doesnt work for tenant users. 20054
  433. Fix for subclient policy cursor. 20043
  434. User may fail to load the properties of the client. 19982, 19986
  435. Fix for Netware issue with the workflow. 19953
  436. Reduce the number of messages sent by the auxiliary copy job to the Job Manager service by sending messages only when there is a change in percentage done. 19950
  437. The GetAllRunningJobs qscript fails with an error when an 'Archive' job is present: Subquery returned more than 1 value. 19952, 19960
  438. Web SLA report may not work when server and Web Console are different date formats 19932
  439. CVODS memory consumption increased when a find operation was performed with large page size. 19931
  440. Index playback may fail. 19929
  441. Archive Index may fail with the error that logs are corrupted. 19928
  442. NSIS binaries can be blocked by some security setup. 19923
  443. FileScan on the new V11 clients may crash intermittently. 19925
  444. The Oracle Agent might not consume an application class 2 license if installed under a virtual machine. 19922
  445. Automatic schedule for Oracle/Oracle RAC may not kick off when the character / was used as connect string. 19903
  446. Turn off deletion of archive files for Edge Drive by default. 19894