V11 SP8

Contents for Service Pack 7

  1. It wasn't able to parse email address like <".backup-core"@usit.uio.no> 1660
  2. Can not parse the Journal EML message which has MSG as an attachment, and with 'inline' type attachment. 1660
  3. Snap-enabled sub-client could try to upgrade more jobs than expected during upgrade to Indexing V2 1658, 1659
  4. Commserver's data may not be refreshed on cloud if Commserver is using internet gateway to upload data. 1651, 1652
  5. Snap database layer optimizations. 1646, 1648, 1649
  6. Fix to cleanup bloated snap metadata. 1646, 1648, 1649
  7. Files are restored as zero bytes 1642
  8. 1) Subclients Not Properly Deconfigured 2) Subclients Without a SP Association 3) Subclients Without Backup Schedules 4) Long Running Jobs > 7 Days 1640, 1641
  9. SLA report displays command line and GUI subclients status incorrectly. 1627, 1628, 1629
  10. RptOneDaySLA stored procedure may fail with violation of primary key constraint error. 1627, 1628, 1629
  11. Resource Manager fails when processing XML message during AuxCopy job. 1625, 1626
  12. Contentstore doesnot sync delegated mails if delegated mailbox is backed up in different virtual client 1615
  13. Non-trivial OS locale may cause service lockup on Linux 1612
  14. POC item : auto create user for SAML login and associate him to Laptop users group 1604, 1605, 1606, 1607, 1608
  15. request response not getting printed at default log level 1600
  16. full vm restore for vmware does not work if user has only in place recovery rights with permission on subclient 1600
  17. add vm group does not list replication plan 1600
  18. aux copy schedule is not showing on plan details 1600
  19. skip button is showing on register product step 1600
  20. add/edit client group is not working 1600
  21. replication plan is not working for multiple subclients 1600
  22. After running Oracle revert restore, size of the Snapshot metadata tables in Commserve DB increases causing space issues and slows down the Commserve services 1584
  23. Fix for End point user license report 1587, 1589
  24. The DDB partition version may be incorrectly set in the Commserve database after extending the number of partitions. 1583
  25. Enhancement to select parent job automatically to selective copy when VSA app aware child job is selected. 1577, 1579
  26. During partition expansion the newly added partition may receive incorrect version. 1573, 1574
  27. When nPreferredIPFamily setting is missing, V10 clients may go offline 1566
  28. processing email deliver report cause CI job slow 1559
  29. SharePoint Document browse from synthfull backup does not show all versions 1550
  30. Redirect approach(type username and press tab )SP initiated SAML login may not work 1543, 1544
  31. Need to enable Oracle Image Copy on Windows when reg key set. 1530
  32. Support Image Copy backups for Oracle on Windows also when Snap only backups are done. We don't support backup copy. 1528
  33. If customer enabled 'Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing and signing' setting, then java GUI to web console SSO will not work 1529, 1531, 1540
  34. CvFailover - User can able to update the prestopScript from the Failover monitor GUI. 1524
  35. Pruning from disk for dedup data may be backlogged due to an inconsistent row in the DDB. 1510
  36. Live sync - The archive file for the Storage Policy Copy is not valid 1507
  37. Health report fallen behind days parameter is not honored even when copy fallen behind alert days is not set from Commcell. 1499, 1502
  38. Health report DDB Disk Space Utilization does not show DDB Name and Status for each DDB path. 1499, 1502
  39. Health report DDB Partitions Protected via Subclients shows incorrect numbers for Good and Warning. 1499, 1502
  40. License Usage report does not show dials for capacity usage. 1499, 1502
  41. On an upgraded setup, adding mount path or sharing mount path to more than one media agent may result in "Error During Disk Device configuration". 1495
  42. Changes in wording and formatting for Executive Summary Power Point presentation. 1493, 1494, 1496
  43. Synthetic full may not able to complete if the job was suspended in first attempt. 1487
  44. Backedup content will not be loaded on clicking parent folder for the first time. 1483, 1484
  45. Running jobs may not be auto resumed when suspended by system in the event of Commserv disk got full. 1480
  46. Auto resume after suspend may not work for jobs submitted by automatic schedule. 1480
  47. First IntelliSnap backup after a Synthetic Full job may fail with hard indexing failure for Virtual Server Agent. 1479
  48. Commcell's data is not seen on cloud when customer is using metrics as gateway. 1463
  49. AIX Snap Backup will fail to prepare snaps if the log volume is mirrored. 1461
  50. failure restoring VMware templates 1453
  51. a. Permissions and group attributes may not be consistent for Commvault managed files b. RPM upgrades might not behave as expected 1443
  52. FullVMRestore is not working for user with only subclient level permissions 1432, 1438
  53. browse button is not shown for guest file restore 1432, 1438
  54. Add server plan is not working for other languages 1432, 1438
  55. Job details collection using query 137 for metrics server may fail. 1431
  56. CvFailover - The locale language for the CvFailover GUIs can be overwritten using the reg key. 1424
  57. Mac Laptop Backups not starting locally after upgrading from V10. 1408
  58. Not able to restore SLES12 machines with Linux 1touch 1393
  59. Pick non-dedup recyclable volumes in batches 1391, 1392
  60. Operation window check may cause slowness 1391, 1392
  61. Computing pruning operation window may cause bottleneck in scale database. 1387, 1389
  62. Snap database layer optimizations 1384, 1385, 1386
  63. Mailboxes are backup up in full instead of incrementally. 1376
  64. Case Manager journal hold jobs not backing up items 1368, 1370
  65. Restore from secondary copy may fail to decrypt data when pass phrase feature is enabled on client, secondary copy is set to use re-encryption and Auxiliary Copy job ran with Use Salable Resources option set. 1365, 1367
  66. Live sync may not start for aux copy jobs 1354, 1355
  67. Data file level restore from Oracle snap backups fail. 1342
  68. CVD crashes when updating edge local user info to DB. 1332
  69. Search engine goes out of memory often 1336
  70. Unable to access the java console for web based administration. 1330, 1331
  71. Running jobs may not be auto resumed when suspended by system in the event of Commserv disk got full. 1318
  72. Health Report - DDB Disk Space Utilization details does not show Media Agent. 1315, 1316, 1317
  73. Health Report - DDB Performance and Status may display incorrect Front End Backup Size. 1315, 1316, 1317
  74. Health Report - Fallen Behind Secondary Copies does not show correct status and Estimated Media Size To Be Copied for DR storage policy. 1315, 1316, 1317
  75. qlist job -j jobId is taking longer time to complete and cause CPU spike 1312, 1313, 1314
  76. custom metadata is not restored. 1305
  77. custom metadata is not restored. 1304
  78. JM may fail to submit work queue token request after laptop backup. 1301, 1302
  79. Query optimization for query that sends disk library mount path information. 1297, 1299
  80. CCM Merge may fail when there are duplicate license entries in the db. 1289, 1292
  81. CCM Merge may become slow when there is huge data for SQL agents, may also see high growth in DB log file size. 1289, 1292
  82. Sharepoint backups fails to launch in SP6 in windows 2012 machines. 1261
  83. Content indexing or data analytics job could go to pending state if the metadata getting pushed has escape characters. 1260
  84. Media mount Manager service may be terminated abnormally while processing Huawei snap operation. 1248
  85. Snap operation fails when first time snap on the Huawei storage-array 1248
  86. Dedupe pruning can perform poorly on cloud storage systems that take too long to process HEAD calls on objects that do not exist. 1242
  87. IBM i restore failing restore all objects. 1236
  88. IBM i restore job not progressing 1236
  89. Addition of packages may fail if Commserve is in locked down state. 1223
  90. backup/restore of VM would fail if error received as "User is not logged in" 1206
  91. Datastore is updated to VM level datastore when editing live sync schedule 1204
  92. Support installation of commvault on Oracle VM Server(Dom0) 1185
  93. Xheader data of email is not indexed correctly during content indexing 1186, 1190, 1193
  94. Snap Mirror may fail with an error message saying volume not found. 1171, 1172
  95. LNDB restores may not work when CS name is sent as Instance001. 1162
  96. Availability zone, key pair and security group cannot be browsed if non default openstack domain is set 1156, 1157
  97. Populate the VM Backup Coverage Report for VMs under 'NZCLAKL600_AKLVCenter' host. 1140, 1141
  98. Install fails with the error "Failed to resolve the interface name via DNS lookup." 1129
  99. In case of multinode backup copy job if controller nodes shuts down due to network issue then snap is getting unmounted causing other nodes also the issue. 1123
  100. Scale fixes for better backup job completion rate. 1120
  101. Binary versions are not updated 1111
  102. Virtual Machine Status tab does not show proper VM name after upgrade 1106, 1109
  103. JobManager may crash during Sharepoint DB backup job failure. 1087
  104. Registering CommCell to cloud may not return proper status message back to CommServer. 1077, 1078, 1079
  105. Allow search\preview of data only for data available on the copy that is source copy for Content Indexing. 1069, 1071
  106. Decrease in job completion rates due to delays in MediaManager to service archive manager calls. 1056
  107. Db2 restore would leave logs behind, over time it will fill out the volume, especially with scheduled large restores. 1054
  108. Duplicate media incorrectly identified for two media having barcodes in same mailbox that shared by two libraries. 1047, 1048
  109. Pruning requests may not be load balanced across multiple MAs of deduplication store. 1043, 1044
  110. ScheduleReports.exe process may crash when a Backup Job Summary report is run. 1001, 1002, 1003
  111. Vault Tracker could not send remaining media to IE port after the first set of media are exported. 991
  112. Restore from secondary copy may fail to decrypt data when pass phrase feature is enabled on client and secondary copy is set to use re-encryption. 990, 994, 996
  113. Live sync - DNS entries are not set to auto on destination VM although LiveSync is configured to use DHCP. 972
  114. Software compression may not happen for jobs running to a disk library. 964, 965
  115. Web SLA report with custom time range selection may not be correct. 958, 960
  116. issues in creating and modifying bandwidth throttling rule in cdr 957
  117. For master group users, editing client group description will override user selected owner to master user group. 957
  118. snap backup on Windows causes process crash 946
  119. Unreliable network may trigger CVD lockups or crashes 939
  120. Slow CS hardware or DB can prevent 10.0 clients from updating their FW or certificate configuration. 939
  121. Backup Job Summary report may take a long time to show laptop owners. 932, 933, 934
  122. Expectation Failed error should be non fatal error. 921
  123. Microsoft JDBC Driver fails to connect to SQL Server in some customer environments 901
  124. Backup job fails to backup symbolic links and reported them as failed items 896
  125. Oracle OCFS2 file system mount fails when failed to start the cluster service. 891
  126. SAP/Oracle backup fails as the BackupID generated exceeds 16 characters 885
  127. Inline copy of Oracle jobs fail and jobs are in partial copied state. 883, 886
  128. Image Copy Snap phase attaches to CVBF driver even though backup copy is not required. 872
  129. Partial restores of database from Image Copy fail. 872
  130. Block level backup copy is not unmounting snaps. 872
  131. On some Oracle 12c installs, TNS based RMAN backups fail. 872
  132. Enhancement to support daily, weekly and monthly options for Protected Data Size per Storage Policy Copy custom report. 869
  133. Fix for SLA trending issues at commcell group and worldwide level. 851, 856
  134. One or more stream failing during IBM i or OpenVMS backup job. 846
  135. Silo backups with round robin or geo location option may fail with db errors. 841, 843
  136. IBM XIV application clone support. 795
  137. Error "Please select at least one or more Client Computers" shown when right clicking on a Computer group and run job summary report. 793
  138. NFS mount operation for NetApp cluster mode exports fails with error "access denied by server" if directory under a qtree is mounted by the application. 780
  139. VSA multinode backup copy fails during engine mount operation for NetApp cluster mode NFS configurations if load sharing snapmirror is enabled on SVM root volume. 780
  140. The remote execution activities may return characters in the response which may not be valid xml characters causing errors during execution 779
  141. Scale fixes for better job completion rate. 770
  142. OracleVM clone/snap fails because LUN is locked due to processing previous VM. 763
  143. Update allows to perform backup and recovery of Aurora DB Cluster RDS instances. 757
  144. Auxcopy job may go into pending state though enough drives are available. 750
  145. a. Permissions and group attributes may not be consistent for Commvault managed files b. Commvault Docker images may not behave as expected c. Commvault RPM packages may not behave as expected 745
  146. Unable to open job details window for Synthetic Full Backups that are running (or completed) while in the Job Controller. 743
  147. Webconsole FIND sometimes may not work. 731
  148. Meditech content tab may not show any Meditech systems listed. 711, 714
  149. index state may be shown with error even if index is good 686, 687
  150. alert triggered for Index Backup even before 30days 686, 687
  151. Ability to skip deleted sub-clients during Indexing V1 to Indexing V2 upgrade 680, 681
  152. During client installation / removal may get incur a deadlock during SCG Client update operations when the security cache table is being updated. 672, 673, 674
  153. Software compression may not happen for jobs running to a disk library. 654, 657
  154. Live Sync schedule from selective copy not running. 643, 645
  155. Oracle GUI backups fail on non-root install. 639
  156. Cleanup not happening with Tablerestore 639
  157. Oracle Performance fixes for auto discovered instance 639
  158. Exxon enhancement to create only one controlfiles at the time of snap 639
  159. Exchange Virtual Agent job not progressing. 603
  160. VSA OpenStack : allow use of internal or admin endpoint types while communicating with the services 597
  161. Reset maintenance flag when DDB expansion fails 593
  162. Stub recall summary report generates 0 KB file when output as XML option is selected. 577, 578, 579
  163. Items fail to restore in cases when the path of an item dir exceeds 220 character with version folder present, and is under 220 characters without the version folder 573
  164. Raw device mount fails on Solaris 569
  165. If the EML has no 'From' information it failed 555
  166. Restore of volumes from custom key encrypted snaps may fail. 553
  167. Bucket backup may fail if the folder contained special characters. 546
  168. Creating Google cloud library may fail with the existed bucket if using the access key authentication. 546
  169. Add support to use the Keystone V3 for Cloud library. 546
  170. Add support to use SAS Token for Azure Cloud library. 546
  171. VSA Backup Streams - Disk/VM's do not match 518
  172. Unmounting Huawei snapshot may fail in certain scenario 501
  173. Need to wait longer for ArchiveIndex to complete 497
  174. Data paths added automatically during GDP creation incorrectly have Hardware Compression enabled. 488
  175. Client Upgrade Associations custom report enhancement to identify associated clients that must be upgraded due to release compatibility when upgrade an identified client. 466
  176. Preview of emails for Eastern European language looks distorted 448
  177. Performing Install updates when gXTail is open may trigger reboot on the client computer 444
  178. Index reconstruction may get triggered unnecessarily. 443
  179. It didn't have any considerations when it failed parse any header items. So from the browse doesn't contain those fields 434
  180. qdelete client fails to delete the client with Invalid client name error even if tried with Admin user. 415, 416, 418
  181. qlogin shows DB lock time out error in Evmgrs.log 415, 416, 418
  182. Restore might fail if no response from glance while restoring glance image 394
  183. Smart Client group properties screen will flicker when we have more than 10 rules defined 368
  184. even when action alert were cleared using "us default message" button , external email panel was not visible in user and group panel of alerts window 368
  185. Set client registry key HLINK Y. File system backup goes to pending when a mount point is configured in SC content 365
  186. waitForResponse option is not getting honored. 363
  187. Backup Copy jobs may stuck in job controller. 355
  188. Adding a controller with read access sometimes sets the number of writers for the same controller in the other mount path to 0 347
  189. Optimization fixes for exchange content indexing 335, 337
  190. Overview table in Client Details report does not show data. 332, 333, 334
  191. Subclients Not Having Full Backup in 60 Days report does not show sizes in auto-unit. 332, 333, 334
  192. CommServer is not able to get public license capacities. 332, 333, 334
  193. Weekly ChargeBack data is not collected from the last collected week which is in the previous year. 332, 333, 334
  194. Crash in EvMgrs on expanding media agents. 301, 303
  195. SAP HANA incremental backups are being picked up as extended retained jobs. 297, 298
  196. OSDP\SPOS jobs with C:\ fails in catalog phase after SP5 upgrade. 289
  197. When it was not able to create index files on the 'JobResult' directory, the job continues but eventually fail 285
  198. Controller process crashes. 285
  199. vsa appaware job may fail due to hanging vsaappawareInstall binary in proxy machine 266
  200. localized disk labels for vmWare leads to incorrect disk comparison. Vm does not boot up after creation 262, 263, 270, 271
  201. v11 bluearc onepass - if multiple node backup reg key is enabled on CS, cvdistributor is spawned even number of nodes is 1 246
  202. Sharepoint clients fail intermittently with The RBS Store Client option is not selected. 246
  203. iSeries backup might be struck in Post Operation phase 246
  204. content indexing of DICOM images fails that is use the JPEG 2000 format 239
  205. After setting index cache enabled from commandline, we may face resource manager stored procedures errors. 236, 237
  206. Metadata is collected during backup copy even if option is not selected 220
  207. ETERNUS snap backup for vmware always using default SMIS port to connect to array during exhaustive array lookup, even if overridden via array config 219
  208. Index Cache Path could be empty after MediaAgent upgrade under certain conditions 208, 209
  209. Fix for updating client properties via work queue. 197, 198
  210. Restore Report with Job Options displays empty destination path 192
  211. GUI may hang while editing storage policy properties from Web based console 191
  212. backups may fail with error timeout waiting for agent to initialize. 187
  213. Ability to read firewall configuration from a cached directory 168
  214. Junction point got restored as directory after 1-Touch restore. 161
  215. User can go back and forth and use Store Key or User Password 155
  216. Support for HANA 2.0 Restores 155
  217. Cross Machine restore is not working if the source and destination as same Instance name 155
  218. Duplicate media incorrectly identified for two media having barcodes in same mailbox that shared by two libraries. 126, 127
  219. The 'Job Details' metrics report might still be accessible from web console even after disabling it from the Metrics Settings page. 106, 107
  220. Enhancement: Metrics report "Fallen Behind Secondary Copies" is now available from the "Worldwide Reports" page. 106, 107
  221. Security SP causing blocking chains in WIA Tracing. 91, 92
  222. Connection towards Application Manager service may pile up 80
  223. OpenStack : discovery/backup/restore failures for non English language entities 73
  224. The Enable IntelliSnap option is disabled in the NetApp OEM even when the full snap backup license is present. 46
  225. Database Logs for Oracle and SAP-Oracle iDAs may not get fully copied to SnapVault or SnapMirror Copy but still report success. 18, 19
  226. VMware Agent initialization may timeout during backup when the VDS service is not responding properly 10
  227. Enhanced check for ESX server compatibility to consider all VM versions instead just the default setting 9
  228. sharepoint farm pseudo client backup completes with errors which got exception in GetNextForBackup 29020
  229. For the content indexing job with proxies in multiple domains some of the controllers fail to start 29018
  230. Database transaction log file keeps growing when Dash Copy job runs with reservation failure. 29080, 29115
  231. Index playback may not complete. 29017
  232. Browse requests fail when backup is running with more than 32 streams 29000
  233. Some MediaAgents may stay offline when there are many other truly offline MediaAgents in the commcell that do not have connectivity. 29066, 29104, 29137
  234. Application data will be skipped to backup if the VM disk is filtered for the backup 28852
  235. DDB move job may fail when the primary file is very large 28848
  236. Open System Data Protection (OSDP) backup will fail if there are warnings while configuring provisioning information on the primary snap copy. 28879
  237. 1. NFS clients cannot list, access or traverse files and folders with wide characters. 2. Live mount fails for VMs with names containing wide characters e.g. Chinese characters 3. Cannot see VMX in mounted datastore for VMDK with names containing wide character e.g. Chinese Characters. 28859
  238. Snap Pruning Optimizations 28891, 28905
  239. User may see Deadlock or long blocking sessions on log files. 28672, 28683
  240. 32bit and 64bit installers for OutlookAddinClient have the same GUID 28661
  241. Modifying workflow variables will not work if a workflow variable is of type HashMap. 28587
  242. Snap mining job might go pending with exchange 2013 database caused by specific message data. 28654
  243. VMs are not excluded from SLA when the virtual server client is deconfigured or the backup activity of the VSA subclient is disabled. 28637, 28644
  244. For the VMs that the last backup job has been deleted from job history, the SLA reason is shown as No Schedule instead of No Job. 28637, 28644
  245. MySQL command line subclients with no job ever but some gui subclient has old jobs before the time period are shown in clients missed SLA. 28637, 28644
  246. Unable to set manual retention on an individual job past year 2038 28604
  247. Oracle RAC restore stream panel is always using first instance of destination RAC. 28579
  248. While 1-Touch restore of EFI system if customer is going through manual partition mapping for EFI recovery partition, then 1-Touch will not allow to move forward. 28564
  249. EFI system reserved partition and EFI recovery partitions, partition type will be shown as UNKNOWN in startupgui. 28564
  250. For 1-Touch EFI system restore, if size of all partition reaching to size of disk, then partition creation will fail. 28564
  251. Enhancement to improve dedupe pruning performance on cloud libraries. 28525
  252. 'Unage jobs' operation can take longer time sometimes. 28504, 28506
  253. When time zone information in DB is not correct Job Manager may become unresponsive if selective copy is configured on the setup. 28501
  254. System state folder size is incorrect 28463
  255. Upgrade to V11 SP6 fails with error in post upgrade phase. 28465, 28470
  256. Filtering data on job type column in admin job history table is not filtering data appropriately. 28454
  257. Audit of registry settings is not happening at CS level with new XML protocol 28454
  258. Unix clients are not listed in destination client list in VSA file level restore screen 28416, 28429, 28433
  259. Shared scan logic skips processing DFS reparse points as unrecognized/unsupported 28421
  260. Pre upgrade check failing for exchange public folder for V9 database upgrade 28375
  261. For NetApp OCUM 6.x, secondary snapshot mount operation fails if OCUM server is not reachable. 28312
  262. For VSA nfs mount from secondary snapshot copy, mount operation tries validating the nfs interfaces which causes delay leading to timeout in livebrowse operation. 28312
  263. VM cannot be restored to Azure due to disk size issue 28285
  264. Restore from VMware intellisnap fails 28277
  265. Restore from Amazon replicated Snap fails 28277
  266. Webconsole FIND sometimes may not work. 28251
  267. On restoring VNX data(With ACL) onto Isilon share, restore is failing and 0 byte files are geting created on destination. 28237
  268. Failure to browse block level backups on Linux with audit enabled 28234
  269. Adding support for rhas7up3 28234
  270. Auxiliary copy may stay in running state without progress update if there is a DB and binary update mismatch on teh CS. 28223
  271. VM cannot be restored to Azure due to disk size issue 28211
  272. Proxy selected for use on client group firewall settings is not retained 28192, 28193
  273. Oracle ZFS Snap engine job may cause CVMA crash on Solaris 28189
  274. NAS NDMP restores to windows of celerra backups may crash, when restoring from the backups run with "Backup from snapshot" option disabled. 28134
  275. CVODS process for scheduled reports may crash. 28078
  276. AIX Revert operation using a persistent engine fails due to PVID mismatch 28069
  277. query parser improvement 28065
  278. Exchange Virtual Agent job not progressing. 28060
  279. Hadoop restore may fail with error: "Invalid number of streams selected for multi streamed restore : 0" 28019
  280. Diag for Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering Ltd pst restore issue. 27986
  281. User could not change job results directory for new Exchange Agent. 27983
  282. Outlook 2016 support 27983
  283. Enhancement: New custom report - Backup Capacity Usage Historical Analysis. 27975
  284. IBM SVC dependent snap disks may go offline during deletion operation. 27927
  285. Event appears in GUI indicating Media pointing to the wrong scratch pool after tape library reconfiguration. 27898
  286. Mount path information missing from MediaAgent if a Move-Mountpath job was recently run and failed. 27897
  287. SAP Oracle Snap backups might show incorrect application size (double the actual size) 27858
  288. Inconsistent number of results while mixing multiple criteria. User is forced to append braces explicitly causing confusion. 27853, 27854, 27856
  289. Live sync to vcloud (different vCenter) fails with VM not found error 27841
  290. Enhancements to improve QI performance for Transaction based DDBs. 27815
  291. DA job fails as it cannot clean up certain entries from sqldbbackupinfo table. 27809
  292. SILO backups may go to pending due to long paths present in the collect 27787
  293. Unable to Restore SQL/Exchange data from AppAware backup. 27779
  294. Oracle table level restore may fail 27779
  295. Destination machine restored 1-Touch restore will not boot up if source machine has boot disk on dynamic disk. 27745
  296. With new xml protocol changes for commcell, advanced features tab is missing 27736
  297. When cloning client computer group, registry and security settings are not cloned to new group. 27736
  298. OSDP for Windows File System - Backup fails with error ''Volume Operation in progress'' 27721
  299. The workflow engine does not honor the timeout value on a ProcessBlock or ExecuteProcessBlock activity 27688
  300. Backups written by a file server directly to tape cannot be read for restore if the Storage Policy data path to that tape is changed so that only a MediaAgent can directly read the tape. 27680
  301. A new report to monitor clients with certificate issues. 27644
  302. Greenplum backup fails with DB browse 27609
  303. SQL plugin GUI closes immediately without any error. 27603
  304. all documents are recalled. 27594
  305. SAN mode cross vCenter backup copy fails 27593
  306. ACS backup fails to load library 27590
  307. If the response file content length is greater than 65536, StartupGUI.exe will crash while VirutalizeMe restore. 27565
  308. RptSaveStorageUsage stored procedure may fail with duplicate key error. 27486, 27491
  309. Library and Drive report shows incorrect values of Space Occupied (TB) column of Disk Libraries table for each mount paths. 27486, 27491
  310. Improve performance of RptOneDaySLA stored procedure. 27486, 27491
  311. Metrics clients count trending shows incorrect counts of added removed and total clients and VMs. 27479, 27490, 27507
  312. Results of metrics query 207 are parsed incorrectly into CVCloud database. 27479, 27490, 27507
  313. When GUI is running in Chinese Locale, sorting of strings will not be according to Chinese phonetic alphabets 27456
  314. Adding ability to customize request timeouts for webconsole 27454, 27488
  315. When the user sets the Exchange Compliance Archiver message threshold option, ExchBackup.exe does not unload. 27382
  316. If SCN changes/log backups happen during a restore job, the recover phase will use latest SCN than restored control file has in records. 27429
  317. The IBM i browse and restore show invalid conent 27407
  318. AD user account could get locked out during login via commcell console. 27330
  319. Linux 1-Touch : UEFI boot entry might be incorrect 27309
  320. ZFS zoned Revert on non-global machine can fail if zoned=off with special reg key set. 27307
  321. When running a check readiness on a client, the user then selects > details > print. When outputting to an XPS file only the 1st page is printed and not anything after. 27272
  322. The diagnostic data to troubleshoot CI operation slowness is not present in logs 27247
  323. CVMailbox process stopping ungracefully 27240
  324. Linux 1-Touch recovery of machines with xen kernel might fail 27233
  325. Solaris 11.3 SPARC system is not supported by 1-Touch. 27208
  326. Discover instances operation may not honour the agent level property to disable auto discovery of instances 27205
  327. IntelliSnap support for IBM A9000. 27193
  328. Using volume WWN instead of volume serial for XIV snap operations. 27193
  329. Null entries in subTask table may cause error when trying to modify a schedule or schedule policy 27180
  330. Linux 1-Touch : GPT disks might get swapped as a part of the restore 27163
  331. Workflow to generate a report and save to CSV in a faster way. 27144
  332. Unable to run The AuxCopy- Fallen Behind Report 27093, 27094, 27095
  333. Enhancement: Adding option to include hidden Storage Policies in CommCell Console Reports. 27075, 27076, 27077, 27080
  334. Snap management tool operation takes more than 30mins to perform any operation on the large database with 0.1 million snap entries 27008, 27018, 27031
  335. Customer is unable to parse Virtual machine failure reason from alert details for SCOM 27007
  336. Unix upgrade may fail with EOFError if available space is below required backup size 26956
  337. UNIX 1 touch client may be updated with incorrect CVD port number if the client has Firewall enabled. 26947
  338. Live browse for exchange 2013 database might fail to restore to PST with recipient parse exception. 26921
  339. On RHEL6.7 when TNS connect string used, Oracle cannot load Commvault library. 26903
  340. Client Upgrade Associations custom report enhancement to identify associated clients that must be upgraded due to release compatibility when upgrade an identified client. 26854
  341. Allow higher version clients to connect to lower version CS. 26853
  342. CRE has intermittent connection errors to SQL servers that require SSL connections 26849
  343. CSRecoveryAssistant: Update admin password by default for staging 26835
  344. Snap Cleanup Admin thread may take a longer time period to execute unmount validation and may cause other snap operations pending till this unmount validation is done and the MediaManager service may seem to be in hang state 26815, 26817
  345. Automatic snap unmount requests for snaps in mount/unmount failed state may not be grouped correctly. 26810, 26813, 26814
  346. The customer had duplicate snap metadata in the CommServ DB. 26801
  347. Fix duplicate metadata in Solaris snap backup. 26801
  348. Jobs may fail to get resources due to XML parsing error seen in logs when using "Load-balance among multiple data paths feature" is being used with larger number of streams. 26736, 26737
  349. Plugin Job Monitor does not list running jobs of cluster virtual client. 26711
  350. Granular SharePoint Data restore from an Application Aware Backup fails to attach SharePoint Content database with access denied error 26707
  351. Case manager shows Invalid User list error when adding custodian 26701
  352. "waiting exporting" never stop even server side already shut down the connection. 26700
  353. NAS datastore creation fails because of connectivity issues between the ESX host and the NFS server 26686
  354. Performance improvement of reports stored procedures. 26659, 26661
  355. View media operation from copy level can take abnormally long time. 26649, 26652
  356. Specific VM should not be shown in the reports. 26641
  357. Enhancement to use WWID based device names for tape devices on Linux MediaAgents. 26621
  358. Calendar Job Summary custom report does not show recovery point by job start date. 26620
  359. Huge list of exclude/include filters of subclients causing buffer size greater than max value 26616
  360. Application assisted backups: Mount operation during application restore is failing. Fix to allow mounting application snapshots back to the source VM where the snapshot was taken. 26615
  361. 3PAR snapshot delete operation is failing in HyperV platform 26609
  362. Live Sync - VSA replication fails to enable CBT if VM hardware version is 4. 26605
  363. Optimizations for VSA incremental backups for low bandwidth environments. 26604
  364. Azure VM conversion from Hyper-v is failing during deployment phase 26596
  365. Snap backup copy fails for DB2 26584
  366. Slow backup copy due to uneven distribution of data 26579
  367. Files with path longer than 3072 characters are not backed up 26577
  368. File system backup dumps core with files or folders having path greater than 1024 characters 26577
  369. New feature - UNIX admins can configure "/etc/cv_backup_blacklist" to block backup of certain files/directories. 26572
  370. Creating a schedule for Case Manager requires permissions elevated to CommCell level 26541, 26543, 26545
  371. Unable to perform a search with Contains query when using special characters 26537
  372. EvMgrs.exe crashed after using a PowerShell script to update the client computer group firewall settings. The update overwrote the ExtendedSettings column to empty. 26479
  373. Snap restore fails with errors in dsRestore.log saying the *.TLB file is missing 26373
  374. support load outlook data from user mail box core 26415, 26419, 26423
  375. ZFS Revert using persistent engine completes, but leaves filesystem mounted in wrong location. 26404
  376. Vault Tracker due back policy always include one tape when there is no empty slots left and empty slots check is enabled. 26405, 26409
  377. Fix for enabling snap on subclient. 26398
  378. Compliance Search console does not show all labels in Chinese language 26345
  379. During DR test, done in staging mode the admin password was changed without users knowledge 26342
  380. Protected VM''s may not be listed on Job Summary report for some subclients. 26339, 26344, 26351
  381. Scan crashes when parsing the automount command. 26322
  382. Updating the commcell name is not reflected in Commcell Name column in the custom report. 26320
  383. Custom calendar may not have dates correctly computed for months involving DST 26317, 26321, 26324
  384. Linux 1-Touch restore might fail in a firewalled setup 26310
  385. Linux 1-Touch non-interactive restore might not apply default gateway causing connectivity errors 26310
  386. Web and CommCell Console Job Summary Reports may take a long time when MediaAgent option is selected. 26284, 26286
  387. Invalid sender or too many senders for a mail may crash Notes contentIndexing . 26273
  388. DDB pruning halts abruptly. 26260
  389. 1-Touch recovery failure on Solaris 10 zfs root pool machines. 26256
  390. Launching process using user impersonation may fail while trying to backup SharePoint. 26253
  391. Restore by job of OpenVMS data on Linux completes successfully but the files are empty. clRestore.log shows invalid magic number error. 26249
  392. Inconsistent number of results while mixing multiple criteria. User is forced to append braces explicitly causing confusion. 26246
  393. File level restores from block level backups may not work as expected 26243
  394. Backup and restore are failing when data directory is a symlink 26232
  395. Index reconstruction fails sometimes when commcell migration happened 26230, 26231
  396. Backup to tape/Restore from a NetApp Cluster Mode Snapvault copy may fail with error "device busy" from the NetApp filer while mounting the snapshot from the vault copy. 26219
  397. Auxiliary Copy jobs may cause backup jobs to wait for resources when Auxiliary Copy is reading from current active volume. 26193, 26198
  398. DDB Verification job's defrag progress fix 26175
  399. Add Software compression on client vs MA setting on storage policy level. 26175
  400. Modifying Properties of Storage Pool after creation of it from command line gives Null Pointer exception. 26175
  401. Add button in datapaths on dependent copies of GDSP is greyed out 26175
  402. Tracking policy is not loading in the Alert when we login into commserve with the individual account 26175
  403. Job priorities based on Agent Type does not retain values once the GUI is closed and reopened 26162, 26166, 26179
  404. Garbled Japanese characters in FROM: field in alert emails 26077
  405. When cloud storage is used for the storage policy, content indexing downloads chunk files multiple times resulting in a multiple of the actual archive data size being downloaded. 26061
  406. SetParam api of CvSMTPMgr does not return exception details. 26032
  407. VSA agent for Oracle VM: During restores vsvrst crashes when vmconfig property values have multiple lines 26029
  408. DLP may lock up on localized machines 26020
  409. Restores of OpenVMS data on Linux completes successfully but the files are empty. clRestore.log shows invalid magic number error. 26001
  410. CV_Restricted_Visibility is not honored when AD user is member of External Group 25997
  411. If any sub client has double/triple byte characters, backup history may not render properly. 25992
  412. Qoperation BackendStorage displays an error message "Error converting data type bigint to int". 25983, 25984
  413. 1-Touch restore fails to add drivers when we have multiple MSD on the machine 25935
  414. VSA backup job may pend during archive index phase due to MediaAgent being switched. 25922, 25925
  415. Exchange DAG backup may go pending during update index due to different MediaAgent being used. 25922, 25925
  416. A utility to scan the disk with a given GUID list, and provide the file name corresponding to the GUID. 25917
  417. If a virtual machine fails during snap backup failure to download VM backup metadata files should be treated as soft failure 25903
  418. IBM i differential backup job does not pick up journaled objects. 25897
  419. Improve backup performance on IBM i IFS and OpenVMS 25897
  420. While saving the job summary report as "Save a script" and file name is not specified, pop message displayed is garbled text or message displayed in English 25881
  421. Data verification job may go to pending if chunk file is truncated. 25780
  422. items failed to restore when they're deleted, re-added and updated over multiple incrementals 25856
  423. Items that are expected to get backed up via snapshot if the option to use VSS on locked files is set, get skipped in the job if the backup phase gets interrupted during FailedFileRetry backup. 25821
  424. Exchange Virtual Agent fails with static profile on Exchange 2016 25817
  425. AD backup may crash intermittently 25815
  426. Auto Registration feature is not working. 25805, 25809
  427. Updating the commcell name is not reflected in custom report Commcell Name column. 25804
  428. Updating the commcell name is not reflected in custom report Commcell Name column in the custom report. 25799
  429. NAS NDMP backup / AuxCopy job to MA attached library may go into pending state. 25796
  430. Traditional Sap Hana backup jobs may take longer time than expected. 25792
  431. Exchange 2013 DAG Grid Store backups cannot use lan-free media agents after upgrading to V11. 25784, 25785, 25786
  432. This is an enhancement . A script to display workflow associated to each alerts. 25755
  433. vApp using Virtual lab policy doesn't select a network to live mounted VMs on existing network scenario. 25703, 25705, 25748
  434. vApp Job summary report doesn't include the VM though it created and configured properly. 25703, 25705, 25748
  435. If source VM on Virtual lab job has distributed network switch, restoring VM is not replacing with other existing network switch. 25703, 25705, 25748
  436. heavy commserv resource usage during AuxCopies 25746
  437. Synthetic full may carry forward less data than expected when job is suspended 25742
  438. IBM i Differential backup job not picking up journaled objects. 25727
  439. Added IBM i registry key to enable update save history 25727
  440. When VMs from multiple vendors are included in a intellisnap job, just fail the offending VM instead of the entire job. 25667
  441. VSA download of files from a Linux VM is not working 25701
  442. Scan of a UNC path may fail if subclient has filter configured for Recycle Bin 25687
  443. SyntheticFull job may fail with "Unable to send pipeline buffer" because of insufficient buffer space. 25683
  444. Auxcopy may crash if big pipeline buffer was used during SyntheticFull job. 25683
  445. When the message is recovered by cvrecallmailbox it has read receipt request on it, so the utility sends lot of unnecessary read receipt during mass recall 25680
  446. Miscellaneous fixes for Executive Summary PPT. 25681, 25691, 25716
  447. VM Reregistration fails 25669
  448. enhancement for partial db to always create and use single index 25665, 25671, 25679
  449. Getting details of virtualization nodes fails with Hypervisors could not be loaded. Please try again." error message 25651, 25659
  450. Error using cv_cmdshell with error- "Operation failed with error: Cannot execute as the server principal because the principal "sqladmin_cv" does not exist, this type of principal cannot be impersonated, or you do not have permission. 25645
  451. Classic reports: Output to "Use Local Drive on" option is not working for V10 Clients. 25627
  452. Browse from CIFS or NFS snap backup for FS iDA on NetApp doesn't show all the files. 25608
  453. Snap unmount fails but commserver marks the unmount success leaving clone of the snap on the Nutanix array not deleted. 25595
  454. Amzon RDS database in region ap-southeast-2 was recognized as database in region ap-northeast-1 and vice versa. 25573
  455. IntelliSnap backups are failing during volume group cleanup. 25563
  456. Subclient level option to ignore the backupset disk filters 25542, 25543
  457. The IntelliSnap backup job contains RDM snap entries that need to be deleted. 25528
  458. Linux 1-Touch: system state backup might fail when CS name cannot be resolved 25527
  459. Adding Ability to customize Expiry for shares 25521, 25525
  460. Adding ability to customize visibility of public link sharing 25521, 25525
  461. Added support for recalling a stub of a stub file. 25517
  462. Support for infinite retention option at subclient level. 25514, 25516
  463. Files with EA fails to restore on BlueArc filer 25511
  464. Restore job goes to pending state for critical components failure. 25511
  465. Multiple MediaAgents trying to micro-prune the same dedupe chunk that is also currently being defragged may lead to unexpected data gain. 25494
  466. NetApp NAS NDMP restores to Windows/Unix FS shows all directories as skipped, even though they are restored. 25490
  467. review set improvement 25470
  468. Recalls might fail after CCM. 25476
  469. The customer has duplicate snap metadata rows in the CommServ DB which are causing slowness in MM service. 25471
  470. Point in time restore may not happen correctly for clients in timezone different from CS timezone. 25458, 25460
  471. Restore from checkpoint using IdxGUI restores to incorrect folder 25457
  472. object level backup may not work for iseries in few cases 25456
  473. FileScan hangs when running gpfs scan on an upgraded gpfs 4.2.2 setup 25452
  474. HANA backups can fail if the EBID is greater than 16 bytes 25446
  475. Command line backups or restores could fail if there are duplicate host name records in the CommServe database table Client 25446
  476. This is an enhancement . A script to display workflow associated to each alerts. 25425, 25427
  477. Upgraded DDB may get corrupted if Reconstruction is run for other partitions of older version. 25410
  478. Archive Index may go to pending. 25405
  479. Oracle ZFS Snap engine job may cause CVMA crash on Solaris 25400
  480. Backup copy operation fails due to error copying VMX files. 25399
  481. Add Worldwide Trending for Metrics SLA report. 25394, 25396, 25398
  482. Metrics report doesn't show strike counts for VMs. 25394, 25396, 25398
  483. Metrics SLA report doesn't show all failed subclients in Details page. 25394, 25396, 25398
  484. Monthly Strike report doesn't count all clients and VMs that ran at least one backup job. 25394, 25396, 25398
  485. Enhancement to add REST api to find the correct toTime parameter when submitting point in time sql restore 25393, 25395, 25397
  486. Support for shards query using exchange virtual cloud & search engine cloud. 25381, 25382, 25385
  487. Backup job may not be submitted with error activities disabled at instance level. 25360
  488. Skip creating Virtual Hard Disks folder for VHD while restoring Hyper-V VM 25358
  489. CommCell Migration Import job failing to merge containers. 25355, 25357
  490. Failure in queued DDB reconstruction jobs 25353
  491. Some times CCM job may fail with network issues. 25350
  492. When the import job has no new dumps to merge, we may see unrelated JPR. 25350
  493. Skipping sparse file check for move mount path job for unsupported hardware 25349
  494. 'Alerts' ribbon button does not open after upgrading from v10 to v11. 25348
  495. Enhancement to collect and report Client Host Names on the private Metrics Server. 25337, 25339, 25341
  496. Index Playback may fail for subclients created with empty content. 25329
  497. Custom OEM branding support for UNIX 25321
  498. From field test is distorted for exchange 2013/2016 messages restored by exchange offline mining too into PST. 25320
  499. Restore binary fails to launch in hp-ux due to dependency issue 25306
  500. Add support for Google Coldline. 25298, 25302
  501. Add support to set Internal URL and region from GUI for OpenStack and RackSpace. 25298, 25302
  502. Add ETag check for Cloud storage object uploads. 25298, 25302
  503. Add F7 option for Folder to get the total size in CloudStorageExplorer. 25298, 25302
  504. Add IAM authentication option for AWS. 25298, 25302
  505. Pruning may fail for Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Service. 25298, 25302
  506. Micro pruning on cloud storage may get stuck when the upload file size mismatched and tried to resend it. 25298, 25302
  507. Reduce the unnecessary data transfers for Micro Pruning on cloud servers. 25298, 25302
  508. SQL 2012 AG backups no longer work after changing all previous nodes aligned to the AG in MS SQL 25292
  509. Incremental backups takes a long time to complete 25287
  510. For scan jobs that were long running, directories were getting deleted before they were processed. They result in opendir failures and job failures. 25283
  511. Sudden drop in data backedup by incremental or Synthetic Fulls since filer might have been inaccessible 25280
  512. Oracle command line backups intermittantly get stuck with Yellow triangle 25274
  513. Restore failure for Emails with stream property in recipients such as display name 25243
  514. Certain mail messages downloaded from Compliance Search have an empty subject 25242
  515. An error can occur inside workflows if a remote execute operation returns a form feed character in it. 25239
  516. new XML layer to be used which works on unicode and multibyte character sets. 25235
  517. form 20889 was mistakenly passed. It was still in integration phase. correcting that checkin 25235
  518. Case manager jobs using shard querries are slower because of many CI clouds and many nodes per clouds 25223, 25226, 25251
  519. Activity report shows incorrect data for one of the months. 25215, 25222
  520. The restore job crashes when restoring the v10 backups to v11 clients 25207
  521. Snap restore from copy backup might fail if .edb file is in upper case. 25203
  522. Crash during PST Archiving 25201
  523. Action menu on commcell dashboard is missing. 25200, 25205
  524. Chargeback report is dipping to zero when there is no data available on a particular month/week/day. 25200, 25205
  525. Even empty job was moving on to backup phase 25182
  526. Block level live browse may not work for older backups. 25167
  527. During 1-Touch restore if destination machine have 2 NICs and trying to restore using firewall, dummy client will be with 169 address. 25166
  528. GUI option for enabling/disabling SQL staging overrides the given registry. 25162
  529. SQL Backups fail when CVD crashes during restore. 25160
  530. Pushinstalls are stuck for sharepoint 2007 and windows 2003 machines 25158
  531. AIX 1-Touch restore failing when all assigned to LPAR PVs are new. 25149
  532. Synthetic Full could fail after CCM 25120
  533. IIS does not start after 1-touch restore. 25110
  534. Reservation issues may occur for restore job using tapes 25103
  535. When FULL job is running, auto schedule for SQL is not kicking off log backup after criteria met. 25100
  536. Customer is unable to create alerts on Application Management->Continuous replication alerts in 10.0 25097, 25098, 25099
  537. Enhancement to support Auxiliary copy job to yield for resources to the waiting Backup Jobs. 25094, 25095
  538. Enhancement to identify associated clients that must be upgraded due to release compatibility when upgrade an identified client. 25091, 25092, 25093
  539. V7 stub might fail to recall successfully. 25090
  540. When FLASH BACK is ON, Windows Restore with open resetlogs fails. 25080
  541. Some of the collection scripts are not updated during the upgrade of Metrics Server. 25078
  542. Some SQL writer files not getting filtered from regual file system backup. 25075
  543. CS may appear slow due to large number of MM entries in DB causing slowness. 25071, 25073, 25074
  544. MediaManager pruning SQL performance improvement 25070, 25072
  545. Oracle FS backup copy after enabling block level on client fails. 25029
  546. Metrics strike report shows duplicate entries in details table. 25024
  547. Metrics strike report doesn't honor client group filter correctly. 25024
  548. Metrics dashboard counts laptops and edge drive clients in strike counts incorrectly. 25024
  549. Unable to create schedules for cloned reports. 25023
  550. Clone reports option is available on other reports incorrectly. 25023
  551. Diagnostic update to skip volume data counters update in mediamanager. 25008
  552. Restore To Disk job may fail for a backup job with failed attempt 25007
  553. If job includes skipped items, there is no provision to mark job CWE. 24975, 24977
  554. AMIs shouldn't be listed in subclient contents. 24948
  555. CVD log flooding during restore 24905
  556. Analytics job complete with errors due to invalid date values. 24886
  557. Move mount path may give permission errors for UNC paths 24885
  558. EvMgrS is consuming high memory. 24883
  559. Fix getSQlJobList to raise db errors. 24879, 24880
  560. Media and Library Manager service may crash while sending disk mount path free space update request to MediaAgent. 24870
  561. Using starting path option in FLA reports might not work with V1 indexed data 24867
  562. Number Format Exception is seen when OS number format is set with different Locale other than English. 24858, 24861
  563. Pruning of recyclable volumes optimization in media manager. 24849, 24852
  564. MySQL IntelliSnap restore operation fails when name of the default subclient is changed. 24827
  565. Event Viewer does not update in live time. 24817, 24825
  566. Enhancement: Display average throughput of backup and restore jobs by media types and agent types in Average Throughput of Backup and Restore Jobs in the Last 8 Days metrics report. 24795, 24803, 24811
  567. There was no way to determine earliest backup time for a given SQL instance on a client. 24774, 24776, 24780
  568. Increase in capacity of synthetic fulls for system state backups 24770
  569. User with master capabilities at commcell level may not see custom rules defined on commcell. 24771, 24773
  570. Backup failing in early stabbing phase 24726
  571. Health Report showing critical status for table app_extendedProperties 24716
  572. Amazon RDS discovery may fail when proxy is used 24714
  573. New workflow to save patterns of client names and their corresponding CommServer computer details read from a patterns input file. 24711
  574. New workflow to return target Commserver details during automatic client registration using pattern matching based on client name. Patterns can be saved using AutoRegisterClientSavePatterns workflow. 24692
  575. while content indexing, the synthetic full backup jobs of legacy apptypes are not getting processed which is causing ci pruning & jobs to halt from running. 24687
  576. Synth-Full job May fail in certain scenario while reading data. 24678
  577. Commserve might have sluggish performance when db maintenance is running. 24675
  578. Backup copy attempting to run for empty subclients 24646
  579. Version 9 to Version 11 upgrade fails as the File System Advanced package is not transferred to the client computer. 24641
  580. Enhancement to show numbers of added, removed and total clients per month in metrics Client Details report. 24571, 24573, 24575
  581. Enhancement to show "Subclients not having full backups in 60 days" under Jobs section of Health report. 24571, 24573, 24575
  582. Snap unmount fails but commserver marks the unmount success leaving clone of the snap on the Nutanix array not deleted. 24569
  583. IBM SVC inteliisnap may fail in snapshot creation with connection errors due to load on CIM server 24551
  584. SnapVault from Hyper-V snap backup may fail with Internal software error while processing snapshots for a valid archive file id with no SMVolume details 24542
  585. Proxy MA for NAS backups 24540
  586. Auxcopy job has errors of the form "No resource of type 'vserver' with fully qualified name '<array management name>' was found." 24519
  587. In a Primary-Vault-Mirror configuration for NetApp 7-Mode, if the primary snapshot was deleted, auxiliary copy was failing during Vault to Mirror transfer with the error "Couldnt Add DataSetMembers to DB". 24519
  588. GXHSMSERVICERESTOREACLS key might not work as expected in conjunction with GXHSMRECALL_ENABLE_EARLY_DRIVER_NOTIFICATION key. 24507
  589. Restore failure 24493
  590. Restore to the alternateLogPath prior to relocate command for DB2 Restores 24487
  591. Disable writing any annotations to the VMware VM during backup. 24476
  592. Virtual Server Agent (VSA) clients are not displayed in the CCM name change wizard. 24452
  593. Cleanup of qsnap driver post install of FS if no qsnap package installed 24442
  594. Job may not start due to DB error when job preemption is enabled 24395, 24397
  595. Index playback can get stuck during job commit processing 24386
  596. Bug Fix for web console not showing smart content. 24386
  597. Index Reconstruction taking a lot of time to start. 24386
  598. System administrators may not be added to the security of certificate key file on non English locale machines. 24369
  599. Creation of logical partition on MBR disk type was failing.
  600. For MBR partition type it was mandatory to select all remaining size for 4th primary partition.
  601. Install support for Message Queue package. 24335, 24336, 24337
  602. Backup copy job may fail when multiple snap backup jobs are run. 24323
  603. All schedules are shown when viewing schedules from client group level. 24302, 24305, 24307, 24313
  604. Add 'Associated Entities' to user or user group may take long time. 24303, 24304, 24310, 24311
  605. Library & Drive report will not show fragmentation analysis data for all mount paths when fragmentation analysis job was started for more than one mount path in the same job 24297
  606. Backup job is randomly failing for Azure virtual machine. 24283
  607. "cannot login" errors when Host.Configuration.System Management permission is not available 24270
  608. Search tab in userGroup properties was empty 24262, 24266, 24271, 24276
  609. QScript to transfer ownership of client groups to a user or user group is available. 24240
  610. Hadoop client browse does not always work on a Kerberized environment. 24241
  611. Oracle revert restores are delayed by the ASMCMD. 24239
  612. DB2 Intellisnap backup may hang at 20% waiting for the response from CommServer. 24096, 24156, 24198, 24201
  613. During Snap mount, if the subclient is deleted, and the user does not have capability "Storage Policy Management", then the mount request might fail in validation. 23971
  614. If there is a non shared library in a dedup configuration, backup will work, but pruning might fail resulting in a data gain. 23944
  615. If the specific log restore fails and the registry key[ sDB2LOGRSTFALLBACK2OLDLOGIC N] is set to not switch back to the old method of log retrieval - then fail right away 23970
  616. If the command id file is lying around in the Temp directory - log restores may fail 23970
  617. For a HADR setup - sDB2LOGRSTFALLBACK2OLDLOGIC N needs to be setup and we will also document it. 23970
  618. Enhance UNIX push install to automatically handle user types of root, admin, sudo or standard 24044
  619. When changing vCenters, resync datastore morefs to optimize discovery. 23985
  620. Enhancement to honor User preferences for Date Time in classic reports. 24097, 24157, 24199
  621. Metrics collection might hang without any progress 24000
  622. Fallen Behind Secondary Copies of Health report do not use copy level alert settings if configured. 24119, 24176, 24221
  623. DDB Performance and Status of Health report does not show MediaAgent(s) column for each store. 24119, 24176, 24221
  624. WHile1-Touch restore, client registration fails which leads to 1-Touch process comelete with errors. 23986
  625. HTTPClient activity is unable to connect to web servers via https 23965
  626. User login to web console may fail. 24035
  627. VNX snap engine map and unmap optimization 23966
  628. SQL restore producing only .xml files 24048
  629. CVD may fail to read certificates due to too many open files error. 24033
  630. FLA report: Selected output fields not holding the order of the selection. 23921
  631. Backup history table selected columns are lost when GUI is switched between multiple languages. 23920
  632. Some data may be missing on the Metrics Reporting server when forwarding is setup. 24022
  633. New Custom Report: Subclient Configuration. 24018
  634. QS_AuxCopyReport script does not include copies that have secondary copies as source copy. 24117, 24173
  635. Not able to filter jobs using job id column in job controller 23916
  636. Browse requests fail when backup is running with more than 32 streams 24006
  637. Enhancement: Adding Host Name in Custom Report: Capacity License Usage by Client and Storage Policy. 23996
  638. For Data analytics job, send logs job does not collect logs for analytics engine. 24095
  639. MediaAgent online/offline alert was being sent when the MA is restarted even though it's marked for maintenance. 24094
  640. Job Summary report may not show Live Sync Job Summary when Job type "all jobs" is selected. 24092, 24154
  641. Webconsole: Application page doesn't show any applications 24086, 24150
  642. Add Auxiliary Copy Trend custom report. 23961
  643. TempDB usage may be huge depending on number of rows in SQL metadata tables during SQL chain computation. 24077, 24142
  644. Enhancement to support daily, weekly and monthly options for Protected Data Size per Storage Policy Copy custom report. 23951
  645. Show Subclient Recovery Point Status in Calendary Job Summary report. 23948
  646. New custom report: Backup Success Rate per Storage Policies custom report. 23947
  647. TempDB may grow due to large number of volumes to process. 24068, 24135
  648. No jobs will be shown while viewing "Jobs from dependent SPs" from Global deduplication storage policy if dependent storage policy contains a snap copy. 24067, 24134
  649. Enhancement feature for VSA Smart client groups. 24064, 24132, 24144