V11 SP8

System Requirements - Virtual Server Agent for Huawei FusionCompute

Supported FusionCompute Versions

  • V100R005C00SPC300
  • V100R005C10SPC700
  • V100R005C10U1
  • V100R006C00U1


The Virtual Server Agent can be deployed on a physical or virtual machine running Windows, Linux, or UNIX.

Only machines that have the VSA installed can act as VSA proxies to perform backups and restores.

The following operating systems are supported for VSA proxies:

  • CentOS 6.x, 7
  • RHEL 6.x, 7
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

At least one proxy is needed.

Port Requirements

When the FusionCompute environment includes a firewall, ensure that CVD port 8400 is configured to accept incoming traffic from Commvault.


Third-party maintenance (minor) releases or service packs that are supported by the Commvault software may not be listed in our System Requirements. When possible, Commvault provides information on any known issues related to these minor releases or service packs. In some cases, these minor releases or service packs affect how the Commvault software works. Commvault software may experience changes in functionality as the result of the third-party minor release or service pack. These changes are beyond the control of Commvault. Platforms that are supported in the current version of Commvault software may not be supported in earlier versions of the software. Contact your software provider to ensure that third-party minor releases or service packs are compatible with the Commvault software.

Additional considerations regarding minimum requirements and End-of-Life policies from third-party vendors also apply.