Adding Commvault Software to a Server

When you add software to an existing server, you are adding a new role for the server.

Adding software to a server is useful in the following scenarios:

  • You have a new set of data that you want to back up. For example, SQL Server databases.

  • You want to reduce the load on other servers.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Servers.

    The Servers page appears.

  2. In the Actions column for the server, click the action button action_button, and then click Add software.

    The Add software dialog box appears.

  3. From the Select Package(s) for list, select each software package to install on the server, and then click OK.

  4. To allow the servers to reboot if required during installation, move the Reboot if required toggle key to the right.

  5. To receive an email notification about the job completion status, select the When the job completes, notify me via email check box.

  6. Click Install.