Moving a Deduplication Database

You can move a deduplication database (DDB) to another location on the same MediaAgent or to a different MediaAgent. You can move the DDB across platforms, that is from Windows to Linux or vice versa, if both the source MediaAgent and the destination MediaAgent have the same endianness.

The software suspends the jobs that run for the deduplication database that you are moving until the move operation is complete. The software does not suspend the jobs that run for the other deduplication databases associated with the same storage pool. However, if there are any other active partitions in the DDB that you do not move, then the software resumes the suspended jobs when the move operation starts and uses the active partitions.


  • You can move only up to 40 partitions on a deduplication DB location in a move operation. To move additional partitions, perform another move operation.
  • To reduce load on a CommCell environment, the software moves 20 partitions concurrently, and queues the move of other partitions. Similarly, the limits for source and destination MediaAgents are 10 partitions and 20 partitions respectively.

Before You Begin

User must have MediaAgent Management permission on both source and destination MediaAgents.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Infrastructure.
    The Infrastructure page appears.
  2. Click the MediaAgents tile.
    The MediaAgents page appears.
  3. In the MediaAgent column, click the MediaAgent that hosts the deduplication database that you want to move.
    The MediaAgent page appears.
  4. Click the Configuration tab.
  5. In the Deduplication database location section, for the location that you want to move, in the Actions column, click the action button, and then select Move.
    The Move Deduplication DB page appears.
  6. From the Destination MediaAgent‚ÄČlist, select the MediaAgent to move the deduplication database to.
  7. To move all partitions, select Move all Deduplication DB partitions.
    If the deduplication database location has more than 40 partitions, this option does not appear, and you must select the partitions manually.
  8. To move selected partitions, clear Move all deduplication database partitions, and then select the partitions you want to move.
  9. Click OK.