Nutanix Auto Recovery

Replication configuration includes Nutanix setup and Commvault configuration. You can configure the required Commvault entities individually, or all together using the recovery group wizard.

Commvault Configuration

Commvault configuration includes the following entities:

  • Hypervisor configurations for the source and destination sites

  • Recovery target for each destination site

  • Replication group for virtual machines or instances that are replicated from the primary site to the secondary site

In addition, you can deploy access nodes in your environment to manage operations and MediaAgents to manage data movement. These entities are needed on the primary and destination sites.

Nutanix Hypervisor Configuration

To use the Virtual Server Agent with Nutanix AHV, you must configure a virtualization client for the Nutanix cluster.

When you configure the virtualization client, a default backup set and a default subclient are created automatically.

You can back up all virtual machines using the default subclient, or you can create a new subclient to back up a specific subset of virtual machines.

Important: For application-consistent backups, each virtual machine must reside in a separate consistency group. If a subclient includes a consistency group that contain multiple VMs, then the backup for those VMs will be crash consistent not application consistent.