Oracle Cloud Classic Hypervisor

The Oracle Cloud Classic hypervisor is deprecated for this version of the software. For more information about the Obsolescence Policy, see Obsolescence Policy.

Effective Release

11.19 (Version 11, Feature Release 19)

Effect of Deprecation

Oracle is discontinuing the Oracle Cloud Classic virtualization platform. You cannot provision new instances or increase capacity on Oracle Cloud Classic services.

For an existing Commvault hypervisor configuration, you can continue to use Commvault to protect Oracle Cloud Classic instances provided the service is still available from Oracle.

From 11.20, Commvault will no longer support creating a hypervisor (virtualization client) for Oracle Cloud Classic, or converting VMs from a different hypervisor to Oracle Cloud Classic.


For similar functionality, provision new instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and create a Commvault hypervisor for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Contact Oracle for information about migrating Oracle Cloud Classic instances to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.