Data Sources for Reports

Data sources are databases that can be used to gather the information displayed in reports on Web Console. The CommServe computer that hosts the Web Console is automatically available as a data source with no additional configuration required. Remote CommServe databases and some third-party databases can also be used as data sources for reports. If you have multiple CommServe computers in your environment, then you must add each CommServe computer as a data source so it can be used both in reports and to configure CommCell Groups and security.

There are two methods for configuring data sources, either on the Web Console or on the CommCell Console:

  • If the Private Metrics Reporting Server can connect to the remote CommServe computer, you can configure both remote CommServe computers and third-party databases as data sources using the Web Console. For instructions, see Configuring Data Sources on Web Console.

  • If the Private Metrics Reporting Server cannot connect to a remote CommServe computer, or if you have firewalls between the remote CommServe computer and the Private Metrics Reporting Server, then you must establish a connection using the CommCell Console on the remote CommServe computer. For instructions, see Configuring CommServes as Data Sources on CommCell Console.