Exchange Mailboxes for End Users

You can link to your Exchange Mailbox account from the Mail page in the Web Console. You can search for archived mail messages and download them to your local disk.


Archiving operations are configured and scheduled by the administrator. Contact your administrator if you want to change your current archiving settings.

The supported mailbox types are:

View Mail Message

For information about viewing messages, see Viewing Mail Messages in Web Console.

Protection Status

The Mail page of the Web Console displays the following information:

  • Display Name: Displays the name of your Exchange Mailbox account. The name is linked to the page where you can browse, search, and download your backed up mail messages.

  • Protected: The symbol in this column indicates the backup status of your mailbox.

    • Red: The mailbox has not been backed for more than 14 days.

    • Yellow: The mailbox has not been backed up in the past seven days.

    • Green: The mailbox was backed up recently.

  • Last Backup: Displays the date and time of the last backup performed for your mailbox.

  • Next Backup: Indicates when the next backup operation will be performed. When no backup schedule is set, it displays Not Scheduled.