Getting Started with Salesforce

Review what is supported and what is required for Salesforce, and complete the necessary setup in Salesforce and in Commvault.


  1. Review support for Salesforce.

  2. Verify that your environment meets the access node and database system requirements for Salesforce.

  3. To store a local copy of the Salesforce data and to perform functions, such as record-level restores and sandbox seeding, configure a database.

  4. If you configured an http proxy host for internet connections, then you need to configure the clients to access internet resources through the server. For more information, see Configuring an HTTP Proxy.

  5. Complete the necessary setup in Salesforce.

    In Salesforce, verify that you have the required access and create a connected app to integrate with Salesforce.

  6. Complete the necessary setup in Commvault.

    In the Commvault software, add a server to be the access node for Salesforce, complete the guided setup, and then perform a test backup and restore.