Search Filters

You can search for Exchange Mailbox Agent messages based on one filter or several filters.




The email address of the person who sent the message.


The email address of the message recipient.


The text or any part of the text in the Subject line.

Folder path

The mailbox folder where the target messages are located.

Has Attachments

When this check box is selected, only messages with attachments are included in the results. When the check box is cleared, messages without attachments are included in the results.

Mail Size

The size of the message. For example, greater than 200 KB. You can use the following operators to refine your search:

  • greater than

  • less than

  • greater than or equal to

  • less than or equal to


Searches based on specific words or phrases in the body of the message.

Data must be content indexed to use the Contains filter.


The received time. You can select a predefined receive time, or create your own time range.