Tagging Emails or Files in a Review Set Case or a Legal Hold Case

You can tag emails and files to describe items in a case.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Data Insights.

    The Data Insights page appears.

  2. Click Case manager.

    The Case manager page appears.

  3. In the Name column, click the case.

    The case page appears.

  4. On the Search tab, select the items that you want to tag and then, on the right of the page, click Tag items.

    The Tag dialog box appears.

  5. For File options, you can tag selected items or tag all items.

  6. Select the tags to apply.

    You can apply more than one tag to the selected items.

  7. Click Submit.


If you select fewer than 50 items for tagging, the tags are applied immediately, and you can view them on the Search tab. If you select more than 50 items, a job is submitted and must complete successfully before you can view the tags.