Undoing a Failover

You can undo a failover to discard changes from a virtual machine that runs on a secondary site and to return to using the original source VM on the primary site.

This operation is supported only for Hyper-V, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, VMware, and Azure destination sites.

For Azure destinations, the optionRetain disk snapshots for undo failover operationon the Failover dialog box must be enabled. This option is enabled by default. This will retain managed destinations VMs blobs post failover which will be used to perform Undo failover operation, also this operation could be performed only for managed destination VMs for hot-site groups.

Before You Begin

For VMware destination sites: To perform failover, test boot, and failback operations for VMware destination sites, VMware tools must be installed on the source VMs before replicating the VMs.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Auto recovery.

    The Recovery groups page appears.

  2. Under Group name, click a recovery group.

    The recovery group details page appears.

  3. On the Overview tab, in the upper-right corner, click Failback.

    The Failback dialog box appears.

    Click the check box for Discard the changes since failover to perform undo failover operation

  4. Click Failback.