The <API_Explorer> is an application in Web Console for visualizing and interacting with the latest Commvault RESTful APIs.

Swagger 2.0 and Swagger UI

Commvault's latest RESTful APIs follow the Swagger 2.0 specification, which means they are compatible with Swagger UI. Swagger UI is the open source framework that powers the Commvault <API_Explorer> and makes visualizing and using the latest Commvault RESTful APIs easier for end users. From <API_Explorer>, users can execute REST API requests and view responses from the CommCell environment directly from the Web Console.

Resources and Models

The <API_Explorer> enables users to visualize and interact with the latest Commvault RESTful APIs through resources and models. The resources are the CommCell entities (such as agents) and functions (such as logging in and out of the CommCell environment) that users can interact with using REST API endpoints and methods (POST, GET, DELETE). Models are the data structures that are used in the request or obtained from the response of a REST API. For example, the client Entity model defines the data required to specify a client in your CommCell environment when using a REST API:

# Entity
{ clientId: <integer>, clientName: <string>

The <API_Explorer> dashboard shows the available resources and models, as well as some short descriptions, examples, and more.

Getting Started

For more information about getting started with the <API_Explorer>, see Accessing <API_Explorer>.