Associating a MediaAgent to a Cloud Storage

You can associate one or more MediaAgents to a cloud storage.

A MediaAgent can have one or both of the following roles:

  • Storage: The MediaAgent with this role manages the backup data.
  • DDB: The MediaAgent hosts the deduplication database. The software automatically selects the MediaAgents to host the DDBs for optimal usage. The software hosts the new DDBs on the MediaAgents when the software adds more deduplication databases (DDBs) for horizontal scaling or when a DDB is sealed and a new DDB is created.

Before You Begin


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Storage > Cloud.
    The Cloud page appears.
  2. Click the disk storage that you want to associate a MediaAgent with.
    The cloud storage page appears.
  3. Click the Backup locations tab.
  4. In the Associated MediaAgents section, click Add.
    The Associate MediaAgent dialog box appears.
  5. From the MediaAgent list, select a MediaAgent.
  6. In the Roles, select the following roles:
    • Storage: Use the MediaAgent to store the backup data.
    • DDB: Use the MediaAgent to host the deduplication database.
  7. Click Save.