Commvault for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managed Service Providers can deploy a single CommServe computer to provide data management services to multiple organizations, such as your customer companies. These companies share the same CommCell environment, but are securely separated by a fine-grained role based access controls. The users who register with the service provider are called tenants.

Individual tenants will see only their own computers. Tenants establish secure communications with the platform through Commvault specific firewalls or "proxies". The proxy computer ensures only authorized systems can communicate with the shared Commvault platform.


CommServe: The central command and control server for the shared multi-tenant Commvault platform.

Service provider: A company that uses the Commvault data platform to provide value-added services to multiple distinct tenant companies.

Tenants: Organizations that register with the service provider. Distinct companies that procure services from the Service Provider and are configured as a Company within the Commvault platform to protect and manage their client data.