Configuring Air Gap Protect

You can configure the Air Gap Protect as a storage target in a CommCell.

Before You Begin

Review the Prerequisites needed to configure Air Gap Protect.


  1. From the Command Center go to Storage > Air Gap Protect in the navigation pane.

    The Air Gap Protect page appears.

  2. In the upper right of the page, click Add.

    The Add Air Gap Protect page appears.

  3. In the Name box, type a name for the storage.

  4. From the MediaAgent list, select the MediaAgent that will write the data to the storage.


    The list displays MediaAgents classified as Active (MediaAgents having license) and Inactive (MediaAgents having MediaAgent package installed, but license not consumed). The license is auto consumed if you select an inactive MediaAgent.

  5. From the Location list, select the cloud storage location.

    Recommended: Choose a location nearest to the MediaAgent.


    If the Air Gap Protect service user agreement is not accepted while applying license, the Location list will be empty and a message will be displayed at the top-right side of the page. You must accept the service agreement to proceed further. For more information, see License Administration for Air Gap Protect.

  6. Optional: By default, deduplication is enabled for the storage. If you want to disable deduplication, slide the Use deduplication toggle key to the left. Skip to step 10.

  7. Click Add to specify the deduplication database location.

    The Add Deduplication DB location dialog box is displayed.

  8. Add the following information:

    • From the MediaAgent list, select the MediaAgent that will be used to access the deduplication DB location.

    • In the Deduplication DB location box, browse and select the path of the deduplication database (DDB).

    • Click Save.


    Compliance lock is a security control that provides protection from destructive tasks such as deleting backups, storage, apps, servers, and backup destination copies, and reducing retention for storage vendors. Compliance lock provides data security at the software level. The compliance lock is enabled by default, and all associated backup destination copies are locked and protected.

  9. Click Save in the Add Air Gap Protect page.


The Air Gap Protect will be saved and listed in the Air Gap Protect page. From the navigation pane , click Storage > Air Gap Protect and then click the Air Gap Protect, to view the details associated with the storage.


It may take a few minutes (approximately 15 minutes) to create the container. As a result, the Status will be displayed as Offline, in the Container area. Wait for Status to turn Ready to use the storage.

What to Do Next

Perform a Test Backup to ensure that you are able to successfully backup data to the storage.