Dashboards on the Command Center

Dashboards on the Command Center are previews of the most critical information—such as SLA percentage, capacity usage, and backup strikes—about the entities in your environment.

The following views are available as a dashboard on the Command Center:

  • Overview Dashboard: The number, size, and status of all entities, job performance, and storage space in your CommCell environment.

  • Data Insights Dashboard: The status of Data Insights applications.

  • HyperScale Dashboard: The status and performance of Commvault appliances.

  • Company Dashboard: The number, size, and status of entities in all of your organization's CommCell environments.

  • Laptop Dashboard: The status of devices and users in your Managed Service Provider (MSP) environment.

  • Disaster Recovery Dashboard: The status of entities that are related to disaster recovery in your environment.

  • Virtualization Dashboard: The status of hypervisors in your environment.

Not all dashboards are visible to all users. For more information, see Dashboard Visibility by User.