Recovery Target Options for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

When you configure a recovery target for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, provide values for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure destination site.

General Options

  • Select vendor: Select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Application type: Select the type of operations that use this recovery target.

    • Regular: To use this recovery target for live mount operations or virtual lab operations, select this option.

    • Replication: To use this recovery target as a destination site for replication jobs, select this option.

  • Recovery target name: Enter a descriptive name for the destination site (for example, DR site 1).

  • Destination hypervisor: Select a hypervisor for the destination instances.

  • Access node: Select a VSA proxy to be used for operations with the replication group.

    The proxy must be an instance running in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Users and user groups: Select a user or user group with admin privileges on the destination site.

  • VM display name: Select Prefix or Suffix, and then enter a string that will be appended to source VMs to create the display name for each destination VM.

  • Compartment: Select the compartment for the destination VM.

  • Availability domain: Select the availability domain for the destination VM.

    You must select the availability domain where the proxy client that is specified for the operation resides.

  • Virtual cloud network: Select a virtual cloud network (VCN) that is available for the specified compartment.

  • Subnet: Select a subnet that is defined for the specified availability domain.

  • Shape: Select a shape to identify the configuration to be used for the converted instance. The shape includes the number of cores and the RAM size for the instance.

    To use the closest approximation to the configuration of the source VM, choose Auto select.

Additional options

  • Staging bucket (Optional): Select a storage bucket that is available for the specified compartment.

  • Image (Optional): Select an image for the destination instance.

  • SSH key (Optional): Select a predefined SSH key for the destination instance.

  • Create public IP: Select this option to generate a public IP address that can be used to communicate with the destination instance.

    The IP address is displayed with the instance in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console after the conversion is completed.