Security IQ Dashboard

The Security IQ Dashboard displays the information about security control, data anomalies, and security audit information. This dashboard helps the user to identify the existing security features that are already deployed, and new features that provides further protection to the backup data. The user can use this dashboard to apply new security controls, monitor the anomaly activities, and track the user behavior within the Commvault environment.

Dashboard Description

The following table include descriptions for all the tiles on the Security IQ dashboard.



Security Posture Score

Displays the percentage of additional security control applied, and enables security controls for authentication and authorization after you view your security posture.

Anomalous Conditions

Displays number of anomalous events that occurred. This tile indicates a change in data or activity that impacts the backup or recovery operation.

Unusual File Activity

Displays number of file system or endpoint server in which unusual changes were detected.

Latest Audit Trail

Displays information about the user behavior, and changes performed in the Commvault environment at the management level in the last 24 hours.


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