Backups for OneDrive for Business

The server plan that you select for the OneDrive for Business app manages scheduled forever incremental backups. You can also perform on-demand backups of individual users or of all users or users groups at any time.


  • You cannot run a synthetic full backup for OneDrive for Business.

  • There is a mismatch in the backed up data size displayed in the Command Center and the Microsoft OD usage report. This is because the Microsoft report includes all the versions of the file. It also includes data in the recycle bin, both at the user level and the tenant level.

  • If OneDrive is not enabled for a user, then the user is skipped during backups.

  • You can back up only the latest version of a file from the OneDrive for Business user account. If you back up the same file multiple times, then different versions of that file appear in the Browse window.

  • You cannot run a selective copy job for OneDrive for Business. To copy data of all jobs to secondary storage, run an auxiliary copy job.

  • During onboarding, when you try to run the first OneDrive for Business backup operation, the backup takes a long time to complete. To resolve this issue see KB article 67947.