Creating Incidents on ServiceNow

Use Commvault workflow activities to integrate with ServiceNow so that your workflow can use the ServiceNow service management services.

You can create custom Commvault workflows to perform operations on ServiceNow instance, by using activities provided in the ServiceNow activity package. The ServiceNow activity package includes a default set of activities that provide functionality for the following:

  • Adding new records

  • Modifying existing records

  • Retrieving records

  • Deleting existing records

For more information, see Built-In Activities.

How Does It Work?

This predefined workflow automates the following operations:

  1. Validates user credentials and logs on to the ServiceNow instance.

  2. Creates a record for the restore operation failure in the ServiceNow incident table.

  3. Sends an e-mail to the CommCell administrator with information, such as:

    Alert name, alert type, CommCell name, alert criteria that was met, date and time of the alert condition was detected, CommCell user who initiated the operation, Job ID assigned by the Job Manager, status of the operation, time the operation started and ended, error code for job failure reason, reason for failure, and name of the backup set.