Instant Clones for SQL Server

You can use the cloning feature to create a copy of the database using a full IntelliSnap backup, Application-Aware backup, or a block-level backup for a test environment. The system automatically shuts down the clone database and frees up all resources when the reservation period expires.

Before you restore individual tables from a SQL Server database backup, you create instant clones from which you can restore. When you create an instant clone, the software mounts and attaches the database that you will use for restore.

You can create SQL instant clones on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and more recent versions.

The following rules apply to SQL instant clones:

  • You can create an instant clone for a single database.

  • The destination client must have the MediaAgent and SQL packages installed and an SQL instance that has the same or higher version than the source instance.

  • You cannot select cluster clients as a destination for an instant clone.