Setting Up a Container as an Access Node

For the best backup and restore performance, use a Kubernetes container as the access node for your Kubernetes backups in Commvault.

Before You Begin

Helm must be set up Helm in your Kubernetes environment.


  1. To install the config chart, run the following command:

    helm upgrade --install config commvault/config --set csOrGatewayHostName=cs.commvault.svc.cluster.local --set secret.user=installuser --set secret.password=password

    The config chart contains the config map for all of the Commvault component chart installs. You must always install the config chart before a new chart installation.

  2. To install the access node chart, run the following command:

    helm upgrade --install accessnode commvault/accessnode --set clientName=accessnode --set global.namespace=commvault --set global.image.tag={tagvalue}